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A new method to obtain decay rate estimates for dissipative systems

Patrick Martinez (2010)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

We consider the wave equation damped with a boundary nonlinear velocity feedback p(u'). Under some geometrical conditions, we prove that the energy of the system decays to zero with an explicit decay rate estimate even if the function ρ has not a polynomial behavior in zero. This work extends some results of Nakao, Haraux, Zuazua and Komornik, who studied the case where the feedback has a polynomial behavior in zero and completes a result of Lasiecka and Tataru. The proof is based on the construction...

Asymptotic analysis of positive solutions of generalized Emden-Fowler differential equations in the framework of regular variation

Jaroslav Jaroš, Kusano Takaŝi, Jelena Manojlović (2013)

Open Mathematics

Positive solutions of the nonlinear second-order differential equation ( p ( t ) | x ' | α - 1 x ' ) ' + q ( t ) | x | β - 1 x = 0 , α > β > 0 , are studied under the assumption that p, q are generalized regularly varying functions. An application of the theory of regular variation gives the possibility of obtaining necessary and sufficient conditions for existence of three possible types of intermediate solutions, together with the precise information about asymptotic behavior at infinity of all solutions belonging to each type of solution classes.

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