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A Carlson type inequality with blocks and interpolation

Natan Kruglyak, Lech Maligranda, Lars Persson (1993)

Studia Mathematica

An inequality, which generalizes and unifies some recently proved Carlson type inequalities, is proved. The inequality contains a certain number of “blocks” and it is shown that these blocks are, in a sense, optimal and cannot be removed or essentially changed. The proof is based on a special equivalent representation of a concave function (see [6, pp. 320-325]). Our Carlson type inequality is used to characterize Peetre’s interpolation functor φ (see [26]) and its Gagliardo closure on couples of...

A discrete Euler identity.

Aglić Aljinović, A., Pečarić, J. (2004)

JIPAM. Journal of Inequalities in Pure & Applied Mathematics [electronic only]

Currently displaying 1 – 20 of 1036

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