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Blow-up for a localized singular parabolic equation with weighted nonlocal nonlinear boundary conditions

Youpeng Chen, Baozhu Zheng (2015)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

This paper deals with the blow-up properties of positive solutions to a localized singular parabolic equation with weighted nonlocal nonlinear boundary conditions. Under certain conditions, criteria of global existence and finite time blow-up are established. Furthermore, when q=1, the global blow-up behavior and the uniform blow-up profile of the blow-up solution are described; we find that the blow-up set is the whole domain [0,a], including the boundary, in contrast to the case of parabolic equations...

Boundary estimates for certain degenerate and singular parabolic equations

Benny Avelin, Ugo Gianazza, Sandro Salsa (2016)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We study the boundary behavior of non-negative solutions to a class of degenerate/singular parabolic equations, whose prototype is the parabolic p -Laplacian equation. Assuming that such solutions continuously vanish on some distinguished part of the lateral part S T of a Lipschitz cylinder, we prove Carleson-type estimates, and deduce some consequences under additional assumptions on the equation or the domain. We then prove analogous estimates for non-negative solutions to a class of degenerate/singular...

Stability for approximation methods of the one-dimensional Kobayashi-Warren-Carter system

Hiroshi Watanabe, Ken Shirakawa (2014)

Mathematica Bohemica

A one-dimensional version of a gradient system, known as “Kobayashi-Warren-Carter system”, is considered. In view of the difficulty of the uniqueness, we here set our goal to ensure a “stability” which comes out in the approximation approaches to the solutions. Based on this, the Main Theorem concludes that there is an admissible range of approximation differences, and in the scope of this range, any approximation method leads to a uniform type of solutions having a certain common features. Further,...

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