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An entropy for 2 -actions with finite entropy generators

W. Geller, M. Pollicott (1998)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We study a definition of entropy for + × + -actions (or 2 -actions) due to S. Friedland. Unlike the more traditional definition, this is better suited for actions whose generators have finite entropy as single transformations. We compute its value in several examples. In particular, we settle a conjecture of Friedland [2].

Anosov flows and non-Stein symplectic manifolds

Yoshihiko Mitsumatsu (1995)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

We simplify and generalize McDuff’s construction of symplectic 4-manifolds with disconnected boundary of contact type in terms of the linking pairing defined on the dual of 3-dimensional Lie algebras. This leads us to an observation that an Anosov flow gives rise to a bi-contact structure, i.e. a transverse pair of contact structures with different orientations, and the construction turns out to work for 3-manifolds which admit Anosov flows with smooth invariant volume. Finally, new examples of...

Attractors and Inverse Limits.

James Keesling (2008)


This paper surveys some recent results concerning inverse limits of tent maps. The survey concentrates on Ingram’s Conjecture. Some motivation is given for the study of such inverse limits.

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