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Absolute continuity, Lyapunov exponents and rigidity I: geodesic flows

Artur Avila, Marcelo Viana, Amie Wilkinson (2015)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We consider volume-preserving perturbations of the time-one map of the geodesic flow of a compact surface with negative curvature. We show that if the Liouville measure has Lebesgue disintegration along the center foliation then the perturbation is itself the time-one map of a smooth volume-preserving flow, and that otherwise the disintegration is necessarily atomic.

Borel summation and splitting of separatrices for the Hénon map

Vassili Gelfreich, David Sauzin (2001)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We study two complex invariant manifolds associated with the parabolic fixed point of the area-preserving Hénon map. A single formal power series corresponds to both of them. The Borel transform of the formal series defines an analytic germ. We explore the Riemann surface and singularities of its analytic continuation. In particular we give a complete description of the “first” singularity and prove that a constant, which describes the splitting of the invariant manifolds, does not vanish. An interpretation...

Classification of positive solutions of p -Laplace equation with a growth term

Matteo Franca (2004)

Archivum Mathematicum

We give a structure result for the positive radial solutions of the following equation: Δ p u + K ( r ) u | u | q - 1 = 0 with some monotonicity assumptions on the positive function K ( r ) . Here r = | x | , x n ; we consider the case when n > p > 1 , and q > p * = n ( p - 1 ) n - p . We continue the discussion started by Kawano et al. in [KYY], refining the estimates on the asymptotic behavior of Ground States with slow decay and we state the existence of S.G.S., giving also for them estimates on the asymptotic behavior, both as r 0 and as r . We make use of a Emden-Fowler transform...

Hyperbolic systems on nilpotent covers

Yves Coudene (2003)

Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France

We study the ergodicity of the weak and strong stable foliations of hyperbolic systems on nilpotent covers. Subshifts of finite type and geodesic flows on negatively curved manifolds are also considered.

Identifying points of a pseudo-Anosov homeomorphism

Gavin Band (2003)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We investigate the question, due to S. Smale, of whether a hyperbolic automorphism T of the n-dimensional torus can have a compact invariant subset homeomorphic to a compact manifold of positive dimension, other than a finite union of subtori. In the simplest case such a manifold would be a closed surface. A result of Fathi says that T can sometimes have an invariant subset which is a finite-to-one image of a closed surface under a continuous map which is locally injective except possibly at a finite...

Invariant graphs of functions for the mean-type mappings

Janusz Matkowski (2012)

ESAIM: Proceedings

Let I be a real interval, J a subinterval of I, p ≥ 2 an integer number, and M1, ... , Mp : Ip → I the continuous means. We consider the problem of invariance of the graphs of functions ϕ : Jp−1 → I with respect to the mean-type mapping M = (M1, ... , Mp).Applying a result on the existence and uniqueness of an M -invariant mean [7], we prove that if the graph of a continuous function ϕ : Jp−1 → I ...

Nonuniform center bunching and the genericity of ergodicity among C 1 partially hyperbolic symplectomorphisms

Artur Avila, Jairo Bochi, Amie Wilkinson (2009)

Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure

We introduce the notion of nonuniform center bunching for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphims, and extend previous results by Burns–Wilkinson and Avila–Santamaria–Viana. Combining this new technique with other constructions we prove that C 1 -generic partially hyperbolic symplectomorphisms are ergodic. We also construct new examples of stably ergodic partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms.

On the global stable manifold

Alberto Abbondandolo, Pietro Majer (2006)

Studia Mathematica

We give an alternative proof of the stable manifold theorem as an application of the (right and left) inverse mapping theorem on a space of sequences. We investigate the diffeomorphism class of the global stable manifold, a problem which in the general Banach setting gives rise to subtle questions about the possibility of extending germs of diffeomorphisms.

Persistance des sous-variétés à bord et à coins normalement dilatées

Pierre Berger (2011)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

On se propose de montrer que les variétés à bord et plus généralement à coins, normalement dilatées par un endomorphisme sont persistantes en tant que stratifications a -régulières. Ce résultat sera démontré en classe C s , pour s 1 . On donne aussi un exemple simple d’une sous-variété à bord normalement dilatée mais qui n’est pas persistante en tant que sous-variété différentiable.

Stable ergodicity and julienne quasi-conformality

Charles Pugh, Michael Shub (2000)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

In this paper we dramatically expand the domain of known stably ergodic, partially hyperbolic dynamical systems. For example, all partially hyperbolic affine diffeomorphisms of compact homogeneous spaces which have the accessibility property are stably ergodic. Our main tools are the new concepts – julienne density point and julienne quasi-conformality of the stable and unstable holonomy maps. Julienne quasi-conformal holonomy maps preserve all julienne density points.

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