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A characterization of harmonic measures on laminations by hyperbolic Riemann surfaces

Yuri Bakhtin, Matilde Martánez (2008)

Annales de l'I.H.P. Probabilités et statistiques

denotes a (compact, nonsingular) lamination by hyperbolic Riemann surfaces. We prove that a probability measure on is harmonic if and only if it is the projection of a measure on the unit tangent bundle T 1 of which is invariant under both the geodesic and the horocycle flows.

Absolute continuity, Lyapunov exponents and rigidity I: geodesic flows

Artur Avila, Marcelo Viana, Amie Wilkinson (2015)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We consider volume-preserving perturbations of the time-one map of the geodesic flow of a compact surface with negative curvature. We show that if the Liouville measure has Lebesgue disintegration along the center foliation then the perturbation is itself the time-one map of a smooth volume-preserving flow, and that otherwise the disintegration is necessarily atomic.

Algèbres différentielles en théorie des champs

Raymond Stora (1987)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

Les algèbres différentielles sont apparues comme des outils commodes ou même inévitables pour exprimer les symétries continues, exactes ou brisées, suivant la situation physique envisagée, dans le cadre de l’algorithme de Feynman de la théorie quantique des champs perturbative. Les algèbres de courants, les théories de Yang-Mills, la première quantification de la corde, sont proposées comme exemples classiques.

An extension of the Khinchin-Groshev theorem

Anish Ghosh, Robert Royals (2015)

Acta Arithmetica

We prove a version of the Khinchin-Groshev theorem in Diophantine approximation for quadratic extensions of function fields in positive characteristic.

Asymptotic laws for geodesic homology on hyperbolic manifolds with cusps

Martine Babillot, Marc Peigné (2006)

Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France

We consider a large class of non compact hyperbolic manifolds M = n / Γ with cusps and we prove that the winding process ( Y t ) generated by a closed 1 -form supported on a neighborhood of a cusp 𝒞 , satisfies a limit theorem, with an asymptotic stable law and a renormalising factor depending only on the rank of the cusp 𝒞 and the Poincaré exponent δ of Γ . No assumption on the value of δ is required and this theorem generalises previous results due to Y. Guivarc’h, Y. Le Jan, J. Franchi and N. Enriquez.

Asymptotic windings over the trefoil knot.

Jacques Franchi (2005)

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

Consider the group G:=PSL2(R) and its subgroups Γ:= PSL2(Z) and Γ':=DSL2(Z). G/Γ is a canonical realization (up to an homeomorphism) of the complement S3T of the trefoil knot T, and G/Γ' is a canonical realization of the 6-fold branched cyclic cover of S3T, which has a 3-dimensional cohomology of 1-forms.Putting natural left-invariant Riemannian metrics on G, it makes sense to ask which is the asymptotic homology performed by the Brownian motion in G/Γ', describing thereby in an intrinsic way part...

Axiom A versus Newhouse phenomena for Benedicks-Carleson toy models

Carlos Matheus, Carlos G. Moreira, Enrique R. Pujals (2013)

Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure

We consider a family of planar systems introduced in 1991 by Benedicks and Carleson as a toy model for the dynamics of the so-called Hénon maps. We show that Smale’s Axiom A property is C 1 -dense among the systems in this family, despite the existence of  C 2 -open subsets (closely related to the so-called Newhouse phenomena) where Smale’s Axiom A is violated. In particular, this provides some evidence towards Smale’s conjecture that Axiom A is a C 1 -dense property among surface diffeomorphisms. The basic...

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