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A comment on free group factors

Narutaka Ozawa (2010)

Banach Center Publications

Let M be a finite von Neumann algebra acting on the standard Hilbert space L²(M). We look at the space of those bounded operators on L²(M) that are compact as operators from M into L²(M). The case where M is the free group factor is particularly interesting.

A note on normal generation and generation of groups

Andreas Thom (2015)

Communications in Mathematics

In this note we study sets of normal generators of finitely presented residually p -finite groups. We show that if an infinite, finitely presented, residually p -finite group G is normally generated by g 1 , , g k with order n 1 , , n k { 1 , 2 , } { } , then β 1 ( 2 ) ( G ) k - 1 - i = 1 k 1 n i , where β 1 ( 2 ) ( G ) denotes the first 2 -Betti number of G . We also show that any k -generated group with β 1 ( 2 ) ( G ) k - 1 - ε must have girth greater than or equal 1 / ε .

A property of ergodic flows

Maria Joiţa, Radu-B. Munteanu (2014)

Studia Mathematica

We introduce a property of ergodic flows, called Property B. We prove that an ergodic hyperfinite equivalence relation of type III₀ whose associated flow has this property is not of product type. A consequence is that a properly ergodic flow with Property B is not approximately transitive. We use Property B to construct a non-AT flow which-up to conjugacy-is built under a function with the dyadic odometer as base automorphism.

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