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A note on states of von Neumann algebras

Allah-Bakhsh Thaheem (1979)

Aplikace matematiky

The author proves that on a von Neumann albebra (possibly of uncountable cardinality) there exists a family of states having mutually orthogonal supports (projections) converging to the identity operator.

Canonical commutation relations and interacting Fock spaces

Zied Ammari (2004)

Journées Équations aux dérivées partielles

We introduce by means of reproducing kernel theory and decomposition in orthogonal polynomials canonical correspondences between an interacting Fock space a reproducing kernel Hilbert space and a square integrable functions space w.r.t. a cylindrical measure. Using this correspondences we investigate the structure of the infinite dimensional canonical commutation relations. In particular we construct test functions spaces, distributions spaces and a quantization map which generalized the work of...

Chaotic decompositions in 2 -graded quantum stochastic calculus

Timothy Eyre (1998)

Banach Center Publications

A brief introduction to 2 -graded quantum stochastic calculus is given. By inducing a superalgebraic structure on the space of iterated integrals and using the heuristic classical relation df(Λ) = f(Λ + dΛ) - f(Λ) we provide an explicit formula for chaotic expansions of polynomials of the integrator processes of 2 -graded quantum stochastic calculus.

Cocycle condition for multi-pullbacks of algebras

Piotr M. Hajac, Bartosz Zieliński (2012)

Banach Center Publications

Take finitely many topological spaces and for each pair of these spaces choose a pair of corresponding closed subspaces that are identified by a homeomorphism. We note that this gluing procedure does not guarantee that the building pieces, or the gluings of some pieces, are embedded in the space obtained by putting together all given ingredients. Dually, we show that a certain sufficient condition, called the cocycle condition, is also necessary to guarantee sheaf-like properties of surjective multi-pullbacks...

Hall's transformation via quantum stochastic calculus

Paula Cohen, Robin Hudson, K. Parthasarathy, Sylvia Pulmannová (1998)

Banach Center Publications

It is well known that Hall's transformation factorizes into a composition of two isometric maps to and from a certain completion of the dual of the universal enveloping algebra of the Lie algebra of the initial Lie group. In this paper this fact will be demonstrated by exhibiting each of the maps in turn as the composition of two isometries. For the first map we use classical stochastic calculus, and in particular a stochastic analogue of the Dyson perturbation expansion. For the second map we make...

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