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Canonical commutation relations and interacting Fock spaces

Zied Ammari (2004)

Journées Équations aux dérivées partielles

We introduce by means of reproducing kernel theory and decomposition in orthogonal polynomials canonical correspondences between an interacting Fock space a reproducing kernel Hilbert space and a square integrable functions space w.r.t. a cylindrical measure. Using this correspondences we investigate the structure of the infinite dimensional canonical commutation relations. In particular we construct test functions spaces, distributions spaces and a quantization map which generalized the work of...

Equivalent norms in some spaces of analytic functions and the uncertainty principle

Boris Paneah (1996)

Banach Center Publications

The main object of this work is to describe such weight functions w(t) that for all elements f L p , Ω the estimate w f p K ( Ω ) f p is valid with a constant K(Ω), which does not depend on f and it grows to infinity when the domain Ω shrinks, i.e. deforms into a lower dimensional convex set Ω . In one-dimensional case means that K ( σ ) : = K ( Ω σ ) as σ → 0. It should be noted that in the framework of the signal transmission problem such estimates describe a signal’s behavior under the influence of detection and amplification. This work...

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