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1/2-Homogeneous hyperspace suspensions

Sergio Macías, Patricia Pellicer-Covarrubias (2012)

Colloquium Mathematicae

We continue the study of 1/2-homogeneity of the hyperspace suspension of continua. We prove that if X is a decomposable continuum and its hyperspace suspension is 1/2-homogeneous, then X must be continuum chainable. We also characterize 1/2-homogeneity of the hyperspace suspension for several classes of continua, including: continua containing a free arc, atriodic and decomposable continua, and decomposable irreducible continua about a finite set.

A cohomological index of Fuller type for parameterized set-valued maps in normed spaces

Robert Skiba (2014)

Open Mathematics

We construct a cohomological index of the Fuller type for set-valued flows in normed linear spaces satisfying the properties of existence, excision, additivity, homotopy and topological invariance. In particular, the constructed index detects periodic orbits and stationary points of set-valued dynamical systems, i.e., those generated by differential inclusions. The basic methods to calculate the index are also presented.

A fixed point conjecture for Borsuk continuous set-valued mappings

Dariusz Miklaszewski (2002)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

The main result of this paper is that for n = 3,4,5 and k = n-2, every Borsuk continuous set-valued map of the closed ball in the n-dimensional Euclidean space with values which are one-point sets or sets homeomorphic to the k-sphere has a fixed point. Our approach fails for (k,n) = (1,4). A relevant counterexample (for the homological method, not for the fixed point conjecture) is indicated.

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