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A characterization of dendroids by the n-connectedness of the Whitney levels

Alejandro Illanes (1992)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Let X be a continuum. Let C(X) denote the hyperspace of all subcontinua of X. In this paper we prove that the following assertions are equivalent: (a) X is a dendroid, (b) each positive Whitney level in C(X) is 2-connected, and (c) each positive Whitney level in C(X) is ∞-connected (n-connected for each n ≥ 0).

A class of continua that are not attractors of any IFS

Marcin Kulczycki, Magdalena Nowak (2012)

Open Mathematics

This paper presents a sufficient condition for a continuum in ℝn to be embeddable in ℝn in such a way that its image is not an attractor of any iterated function system. An example of a continuum in ℝ2 that is not an attractor of any weak iterated function system is also given.

A classification of inverse limit spaces of tent maps with periodic critical points

Lois Kailhofer (2003)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We work within the one-parameter family of symmetric tent maps, where the slope is the parameter. Given two such tent maps f a , f b with periodic critical points, we show that the inverse limit spaces ( a , f a ) and ( b , g b ) are not homeomorphic when a ≠ b. To obtain our result, we define topological substructures of a composant, called “wrapping points” and “gaps”, and identify properties of these substructures preserved under a homeomorphism.

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