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A class of spaces that admit no sensitive commutative group actions

Jiehua Mai, Enhui Shi (2012)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We show that a metric space X admits no sensitive commutative group action if it satisfies the following two conditions: (1) X has property S, that is, for each ε > 0 there exists a cover of X which consists of finitely many connected sets with diameter less than ε; (2) X contains a free n-network, that is, there exists a nonempty open set W in X having no isolated point and n ∈ ℕ such that, for any nonempty open set U ⊂ W, there is a nonempty connected open set V ⊂ U such that the boundary X ( V ) ...

A formula for calculation of metric dimension of converging sequences

Ladislav, Jr. Mišík, Tibor Žáčik (1999)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

Converging sequences in metric space have Hausdorff dimension zero, but their metric dimension (limit capacity, entropy dimension, box-counting dimension, Hausdorff dimension, Kolmogorov dimension, Minkowski dimension, Bouligand dimension, respectively) can be positive. Dimensions of such sequences are calculated using a different approach for each type. In this paper, a rather simple formula for (lower, upper) metric dimension of any sequence given by a differentiable convex function, is derived....

A note on inverse limits of continuous images of arcs.

Ivan Loncar (1999)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

The main purpose of this paper is to prove some theorems concerning inverse systems and limits of continuous images of arcs. In particular, we shall prove that if X = {Xa, pab, A} is an inverse system of continuous images of arcs with monotone bonding mappings such that cf (card (A)) ≠ w1, then X = lim X is a continuous image of an arc if and only if each proper subsystem {Xa, pab, B} of X with cf(card (B)) = w1 has the limit which is a continuous image of an arc (Theorem 18).

AANR spaces and absolute retracts for tree-like continua

Janusz Jerzy Charatonik, Janusz R. Prajs (2005)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Continua that are approximative absolute neighborhood retracts (AANR’s) are characterized as absolute terminal retracts, i.e., retracts of continua in which they are embedded as terminal subcontinua. This implies that any AANR continuum has a dense arc component, and that any ANR continuum is an absolute terminal retract. It is proved that each absolute retract for any of the classes of: tree-like continua, λ -dendroids, dendroids, arc-like continua and arc-like λ -dendroids is an approximative absolute...

Absolute end points of irreducible continua

Janusz Jerzy Charatonik (1993)

Mathematica Bohemica

A concept of an absolute end point introduced and studied by Ira Rosenholtz for arc-like continua is extended in the paper to be applied arbitrary irreducible continua. Some interrelations are studied between end points, absolute end points and points at which a given irreducible continuum is smooth.

An example of strongly self-homeomorphic dendrite not pointwise self-homeomorphic

Pavel Pyrih (1999)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

Such spaces in which a homeomorphic image of the whole space can be found in every open set are called self-homeomorphic. W.J. Charatonik and A. Dilks asked if any strongly self-homeomorphic dendrite is pointwise self-homeomorphic. We give a negative answer in Example 2.1.

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