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Bounded cohomology and isometry groups of hyperbolic spaces

Ursula Hamenstädt (2008)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

Let X be an arbitrary hyperbolic geodesic metric space and let Γ be a countable subgroup of the isometry group Iso ( X ) of X . We show that if Γ is non-elementary and weakly acylindrical (this is a weak properness condition) then the second bounded cohomology groups H b 2 ( Γ , ) , H b 2 ( Γ , p ( Γ ) ) ( 1 < ...

Convergence Rates of the POD–Greedy Method

Bernard Haasdonk (2013)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique

Iterative approximation algorithms are successfully applied in parametric approximation tasks. In particular, reduced basis methods make use of the so-called Greedy algorithm for approximating solution sets of parametrized partial differential equations. Recently, a priori convergence rate statements for this algorithm have been given (Buffa et al. 2009, Binev et al. 2010). The goal of the current study is the extension to time-dependent problems, which are typically approximated using the POD–Greedy...

Curves with finite turn

Jakub Duda (2008)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In this paper we study the notions of finite turn of a curve and finite turn of tangents of a curve. We generalize the theory (previously developed by Alexandrov, Pogorelov, and Reshetnyak) of angular turn in Euclidean spaces to curves with values in arbitrary Banach spaces. In particular, we manage to prove the equality of angular turn and angular turn of tangents in Hilbert spaces. One of the implications was only proved in the finite dimensional context previously, and equivalence of finiteness...

Diffeology of the infinite Hopf fibration

Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour (2007)

Banach Center Publications

We introduce diffeological real or complex vector spaces. We define the fine diffeology on any vector space. We equip the vector space 𝓗 of square summable sequences with the fine diffeology. We show that the unit sphere 𝓢 of 𝓗, equipped with the subset diffeology, is an embedded diffeological submanifold modeled on 𝓗. We show that the projective space 𝓟, equipped with the quotient diffeology of 𝓢 by 𝓢¹, is also a diffeological manifold modeled on 𝓗. We define the Fubini-Study symplectic...

On the size of the sets of gradients of bump functions and starlike bodies on the Hilbert space

Daniel Azagra, Mar Jiménez-Sevilla (2002)

Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France

We study the size of the sets of gradients of bump functions on the Hilbert space 2 , and the related question as to how small the set of tangent hyperplanes to a smooth bounded starlike body in 2 can be. We find that those sets can be quite small. On the one hand, the usual norm of the Hilbert space 2 can be uniformly approximated by C 1 smooth Lipschitz functions ψ so that the cones generated by the ranges of its derivatives ψ ' ( 2 ) have empty interior. This implies that there are C 1 smooth Lipschitz bumps...

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