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A generalization of Steenrod’s approximation theorem

Christoph Wockel (2009)

Archivum Mathematicum

In this paper we aim for a generalization of the Steenrod Approximation Theorem from [16, Section 6.7], concerning a smoothing procedure for sections in smooth locally trivial bundles. The generalization is that we consider locally trivial smooth bundles with a possibly infinite-dimensional typical fibre. The main result states that a continuous section in a smooth locally trivial bundles can always be smoothed out in a very controlled way (in terms of the graph topology on spaces of continuous...

A geometry on the space of probabilities (II). Projective spaces and exponential families.

Henryk Gzyl, Lázaro Recht (2006)

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

In this note we continue a theme taken up in part I, see [Gzyl and Recht: The geometry on the class of probabilities (I). The finite dimensional case. Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana 22 (2006), 545-558], namely to provide a geometric interpretation of exponential families as end points of geodesics of a non-metric connection in a function space. For that we characterize the space of probability densities as a projective space in the class of strictly positive functions, and these will be regarded as a...

A global differentiability result for solutions of nonlinear elliptic problems with controlled growths

Luisa Fattorusso (2008)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let Ω be a bounded open subset of n , n > 2 . In Ω we deduce the global differentiability result u H 2 ( Ω , N ) for the solutions u H 1 ( Ω , n ) of the Dirichlet problem u - g H 0 1 ( Ω , N ) , - i D i a i ( x , u , D u ) = B 0 ( x , u , D u ) with controlled growth and nonlinearity q = 2 . The result was obtained by first extending the interior differentiability result near the boundary and then proving the global differentiability result making use of a covering procedure.

A noncommutative 2-sphere generated by the quantum complex plane

Ismael Cohen, Elmar Wagner (2012)

Banach Center Publications

S. L. Woronowicz's theory of C*-algebras generated by unbounded elements is applied to q-normal operators satisfying the defining relation of the quantum complex plane. The unique non-degenerate C*-algebra of bounded operators generated by a q-normal operator is computed and an abstract description is given by using crossed product algebras. If the spectrum of the modulus of the q-normal operator is the positive half line, this C*-algebra will be considered as the algebra of continuous functions...

A nonsmooth exponential

Esteban Andruchow (2003)

Studia Mathematica

Let ℳ be a type II₁ von Neumann algebra, τ a trace in ℳ, and L²(ℳ,τ) the GNS Hilbert space of τ. If L²(ℳ,τ)₊ is the completion of the set s a of selfadjoint elements, then each element ξ ∈ L²(ℳ,τ)₊ gives rise to a selfadjoint unbounded operator L ξ on L²(ℳ,τ). In this note we show that the exponential exp: L²(ℳ,τ)₊ → L²(ℳ,τ), e x p ( ξ ) = e i L ξ , is continuous but not differentiable. The same holds for the Cayley transform C ( ξ ) = ( L ξ - i ) ( L ξ + i ) - 1 . We also show that the unitary group U L ² ( , τ ) with the strong operator topology is not an embedded submanifold...

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