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Cayley's problem

Peter Petek (1990)

Aplikace matematiky

Newton's method for computation of a square root yields a difference equation which can be solved using the hyperbolic cotangent function. For the computation of the third root Newton's sequence presents a harder problem, which already Cayley was trying to solve. In the present paper two mutually inverse functions are defined in order to solve the difference equation, instead of the hyperbolic cotangent and its inverse. Several coefficients in the expansion around the fixed points are obtained,...

Fixed-point free maps of Euclidean spaces

R. Z. Buzyakova, A. Chigogidze (2011)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Our main result states that every fixed-point free continuous self-map of ℝⁿ is colorable. This result can be reformulated as follows: A continuous map f: ℝⁿ → ℝⁿ is fixed-point free iff f̃: βℝⁿ → βℝⁿ is fixed-point free. We also obtain a generalization of this fact and present some examples

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