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Complex Ginzburg-Landau equations in high dimensions and codimension two area minimizing currents

Fanghua Lin, Tristan Rivière (1999)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

There is an obvious topological obstruction for a finite energy unimodular harmonic extension of a S 1 -valued function defined on the boundary of a bounded regular domain of R n . When such extensions do not exist, we use the Ginzburg-Landau relaxation procedure. We prove that, up to a subsequence, a sequence of Ginzburg-Landau minimizers, as the coupling parameter tends to infinity, converges to a unimodular harmonic map away from a codimension-2 minimal current minimizing the area within the homology...

Energy gaps for exponential Yang-Mills fields

Zhen Rong Zhou (2018)

Archivum Mathematicum

In this paper, some inequalities of Simons type for exponential Yang-Mills fields over compact Riemannian manifolds are established, and the energy gaps are obtained.

Energy quantization and mean value inequalities for nonlinear boundary value problems

Katrin Wehrheim (2005)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We give a unified statement and proof of a class of well known mean value inequalities for nonnegative functions with a nonlinear bound on the Laplacian. We generalize these to domains with boundary, requiring a (possibly nonlinear) bound on the normal derivative at the boundary. These inequalities give rise to an energy quantization principle for sequences of solutions of boundary value problems that have bounded energy and whose energy densities satisfy nonlinear bounds on the Laplacian and normal...

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