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Capacity bounds for the CDMA system and a neural network: a moderate deviations approach

Matthias Löwe, Franck Vermet (2009)

ESAIM: Probability and Statistics

We study two systems that are based on sums of weakly dependent Bernoulli random variables that take values ± 1 with equal probabilities. We show that already one step of the so-called soft decision parallel interference cancellation, used in the third generation of mobile telecommunication CDMA, is able to considerably increase the number of users such a system can host. We also consider a variant of the well-known Hopfield model of neural networks. We show that this variant proposed by Amari...

Generalized synchronization and control for incommensurate fractional unified chaotic system and applications in secure communication

Hongtao Liang, Zhen Wang, Zongmin Yue, Ronghui Lu (2012)


A fractional differential controller for incommensurate fractional unified chaotic system is described and proved by using the Gershgorin circle theorem in this paper. Also, based on the idea of a nonlinear observer, a new method for generalized synchronization (GS) of this system is proposed. Furthermore, the GS technique is applied in secure communication (SC), and a chaotic masking system is designed. Finally, the proposed fractional differential controller, GS and chaotic masking scheme are...

Grid and Simulation of Digital Communication Systems

Manev, Nikolai (2010)

Serdica Journal of Computing

The purpose of this paper is to turn researchers' attention to the use of grid computing for simulating digital communications and its large potential for decreasing significantly the duration of the experiments and for improving the statistical representativeness and reliability of the obtained results.* This work is partly supported by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria under Grant No. D002-146/16.12.2008.

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