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4D Embryogenesis image analysis using PDE methods of image processing

Paul Bourgine, Róbert Čunderlík, Olga Drblíková-Stašová, Karol Mikula, Mariana Remešíková, Nadine Peyriéras, Barbara Rizzi, Alessandro Sarti (2010)


In this paper, we introduce a set of methods for processing and analyzing long time series of 3D images representing embryo evolution. The images are obtained by in vivo scanning using a confocal microscope where one of the channels represents the cell nuclei and the other one the cell membranes. Our image processing chain consists of three steps: image filtering, object counting (center detection) and segmentation. The corresponding methods are based on numerical solution of nonlinear PDEs, namely...

A Nonlinear Parabolic Model in Processing of Medical Image

R. Aboulaich, S. Boujena, E. El Guarmah (2008)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

The image's restoration is an essential step in medical imaging. Several Filters are developped to remove noise, the most interesting are filters who permits to denoise the image preserving semantically important structures. One class of recent adaptive denoising methods is the nonlinear Partial Differential Equations who knows currently a significant success. This work deals with mathematical study for a proposed nonlinear evolution partial differential equation for image processing. The existence...

A proposition of mobile fractal image decompression

Sławomir Nikiel (2007)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Multimedia are becoming one of the most important elements of the user interface with regard to the acceptance of modern mobile devices. The multimodal content that is delivered and available for a wide range of mobile telephony terminals is indispensable to bind users to a system and its services. Currently available mobile devices are equipped with multimedia capabilities and decent processing power and storage area. The most crucial factors are then the bandwidth and costs of media transfer....

A simultaneous localization and tracking method for a worm tracking system

Mateusz Kowalski, Piotr Kaczmarek, Rafał Kabaciński, Mieszko Matuszczak, Kamil Tranbowicz, Robert Sobkowiak (2014)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The idea of worm tracking refers to the path analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes and is an important tool in neurobiology which helps to describe their behavior. Knowledge about nematode behavior can be applied as a model to study the physiological addiction process or other nervous system processes in animals and humans. Tracking is performed by using a special manipulator positioning a microscope with a camera over a dish with an observed individual. In the paper, the accuracy of a nematode's...

A survey of subpixel edge detection methods for images of heat-emitting metal specimens

Anna Fabijańska (2012)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

In this paper the problem of accurate edge detection in images of heat-emitting specimens of metals is discussed. The images are provided by the computerized system for high temperature measurements of surface properties of metals and alloys. Subpixel edge detection is applied in the system considered in order to improve the accuracy of surface tension determination. A reconstructive method for subpixel edge detection is introduced. The method uses a Gaussian function in order to reconstruct the...

A topological asymptotic analysis for the regularized grey-level image classification problem

Didier Auroux, Lamia Jaafar Belaid, Mohamed Masmoudi (2007)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis

The aim of this article is to propose a new method for the grey-level image classification problem. We first present the classical variational approach without and with a regularization term in order to smooth the contours of the classified image. Then we present the general topological asymptotic analysis, and we finally introduce its application to the grey-level image classification problem.

A variational model in image processing with focal points

Andrea Braides, Giuseppe Riey (2008)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis

We propose a model for segmentation problems involving an energy concentrated on the vertices of an unknown polyhedral set, where the contours of the images to be recovered have preferred directions and focal points. We prove that such an energy is obtained as a Γ-limit of functionals defined on sets with smooth boundary that involve curvature terms of the boundary. The minimizers of the limit functional are polygons with edges either parallel to some prescribed directions or pointing to some fixed...

An algorithm for hybrid regularizers based image restoration with Poisson noise

Cong Thang Pham, Thi Thu Thao Tran (2021)


In this paper, a hybrid regularizers model for Poissonian image restoration is introduced. We study existence and uniqueness of minimizer for this model. To solve the resulting minimization problem, we employ the alternating minimization method with rigorous convergence guarantee. Numerical results demonstrate the efficiency and stability of the proposed method for suppressing Poisson noise.

An analytical iterative statistical algorithm for image reconstruction from projections

Robert Cierniak (2014)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The main purpose of the paper is to present a statistical model-based iterative approach to the problem of image reconstruction from projections. This originally formulated reconstruction algorithm is based on a maximum likelihood method with an objective adjusted to the probability distribution of measured signals obtained from an x-ray computed tomograph with parallel beam geometry. Various forms of objectives are tested. Experimental results show that an objective that is exactly tailored statistically...

An automatic segmentation method for scanned images of wheat root systems with dark discolourations

Jarosław Gocławski, Joanna Sekulska-Nalewajko, Ewa Gajewska, Marzena Wielanek (2009)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The analysis of plant root system images plays an important role in the diagnosis of plant health state, the detection of possible diseases and growth distortions. This paper describes an initial stage of automatic analysis-the segmentation method for scanned images of Ni-treated wheat roots from hydroponic culture. The main roots of a wheat fibrous system are placed separately in the scanner view area on a high chroma background (blue or red). The first stage of the method includes the transformation...

An efficient algorithm for adaptive total variation based image decomposition and restoration

Xinwu Liu, Lihong Huang (2014)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

With the aim to better preserve sharp edges and important structure features in the recovered image, this article researches an improved adaptive total variation regularization and H −1 norm fidelity based strategy for image decomposition and restoration. Computationally, for minimizing the proposed energy functional, we investigate an efficient numerical algorithm-the split Bregman method, and briefly prove its convergence. In addition, comparisons are also made with the classical OSV (Osher-Sole-Vese)...

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