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( R , S ) -information radius of type t and comparison of experiments

Inder Jeet Taneja, Luis Pardo, D. Morales (1991)

Applications of Mathematics

Various information, divergence and distance measures have been used by researchers to compare experiments using classical approaches such as those of Blackwell, Bayesian ets. Blackwell's [1] idea of comparing two statistical experiments is based on the existence of stochastic transformations. Using this idea of Blackwell, as well as the classical bayesian approach, we have compared statistical experiments by considering unified scalar parametric generalizations of Jensen difference divergence measure....

Access structures for finding characteristic-dependent linear rank inequalities

Victor Peña-Macias (2023)


Determining information ratios of access structures is an important problem in secret sharing. Information inequalities and linear rank inequalities play an important role for proving bounds on these ratios. Characteristic-dependent linear rank inequalities are rank inequalities which are true over vector spaces with specific field characteristic. In this paper, using ideas of secret sharing, we show a theorem that produces characteristic-dependent linear rank inequalities. These inequalities are...

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