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Calculation of the detection properties in the binary symmetrical channel

Rychtář, Adam, Klapka, Štěpán, Kárná, Lucie (2021)

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

One of the important parts of railway signalling systems design is the safety of communication, achievable - among others - with the error detecting code. Getting evidence of quantitative safety targets, especially the probability of undetected error of the code, is a surprisingly complicated issue. We've analysed 2048 irreducible self-adjoint generator polynomials of the degree 32. More than 70 of these have a maximum probability of failure lower than the standard codes generally used. In this...

Joint queue-perturbed and weakly coupled power control for wireless backbone networks

Thomas Otieno Olwal, Karim Djouani, Okuthe P. Kogeda, Barend Jacobus van Wyk (2012)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Wireless Backbone Networks (WBNs) equipped with Multi-Radio Multi-Channel (MRMC) configurations do experience power control problems such as the inter-channel and co-channel interference, high energy consumption at multiple queues and unscalable network connectivity. Such network problems can be conveniently modelled using the theory of queue perturbation in the multiple queue systems and also as a weak coupling in a multiple channel wireless network. Consequently, this paper proposes a queue perturbation...

On capacity regions of discrete asynchronous multiple access channels

Lóránt Farkas, Tamás Kói (2014)


A general formalization is given for asynchronous multiple access channels which admits different assumptions on delays. This general framework allows the analysis of so far unexplored models leading to new interesting capacity regions. The main result is the single letter characterization of the capacity region in case of 3 senders, 2 synchronous with each other and the third not synchronous with them.

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