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A Hanf number for saturation and omission

John T. Baldwin, Saharon Shelah (2011)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Suppose t = (T,T₁,p) is a triple of two countable theories T ⊆ T₁ in vocabularies τ ⊂ τ₁ and a τ₁-type p over the empty set. We show that the Hanf number for the property ’there is a model M₁ of T₁ which omits p, but M₁ ↾ τ is saturated’ is essentially equal to the Löwenheim number of second order logic. In Section 4 we make exact computations of these Hanf numbers and note some distinctions between ’first order’ and ’second order quantification’. In particular, we show that if κ is uncountable,...

Super-De Morgan functions and free De Morgan quasilattices

Yuri Movsisyan, Vahagn Aslanyan (2014)

Open Mathematics

A De Morgan quasilattice is an algebra satisfying hyperidentities of the variety of De Morgan algebras (lattices). In this paper we give a functional representation of the free n-generated De Morgan quasilattice with two binary and one unary operations. Namely, we define the concept of super-De Morgan function and prove that the free De Morgan quasilattice with two binary and one unary operations on nfree generators is isomorphic to the De Morgan quasilattice of super-De Morgan functions of nvariables....

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