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A note on noninterpretability in o-minimal structures

Ricardo Bianconi (1998)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We prove that if M is an o-minimal structure whose underlying order is dense then Th(M) does not interpret the theory of an infinite discretely ordered structure. We also make a conjecture concerning the class of the theory of an infinite discretely ordered o-minimal structure.

Atomic compactness for reflexive graphs

Christian Delhommé (1999)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

A first order structure with universe M is atomic compact if every system of atomic formulas with parameters in M is satisfiable in provided each of its finite subsystems is. We consider atomic compactness for the class of reflexive (symmetric) graphs. In particular, we investigate the extent to which “sparse” graphs (i.e. graphs with “few” vertices of “high” degree) are compact with respect to systems of atomic formulas with “few” unknowns, on the one hand, and are pure restrictions of their...

Banach-Mazur game played in partially ordered sets

Wiesław Kubiś (2016)

Banach Center Publications

Concepts, definitions, notions, and some facts concerning the Banach-Mazur game are customized to a more general setting of partial orderings. It is applied in the theory of Fraïssé limits and beyond, obtaining simple proofs of universality of certain objects and classes.

Constructing ω-stable structures: Computing rank

John T. Baldwin, Kitty Holland (2001)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

This is a sequel to [1]. Here we give careful attention to the difficulties of calculating Morley and U-rank of the infinite rank ω-stable theories constructed by variants of Hrushovski's methods. Sample result: For every k < ω, there is an ω-stable expansion of any algebraically closed field which has Morley rank ω × k. We include a corrected proof of the lemma in [1] establishing that the generic model is ω-saturated in the rank 2 case.

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