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A viewpoint on amalgamation classes

Silvia Barbina, Domenico Zambella (2010)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We give a self-contained introduction to universal homogeneous models (also known as rich models) in a general context where the notion of morphism is taken as primitive. We produce an example of an amalgamation class where each connected component has a saturated rich model but the theory of the rich models is not model-complete.

Characterizing the powerset by a complete (Scott) sentence

Ioannis Souldatos (2013)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

This paper is part II of a study on cardinals that are characterizable by a Scott sentence, continuing previous work of the author. A cardinal κ is characterized by a Scott sentence ϕ if ϕ has a model of size κ, but no model of size κ⁺. The main question in this paper is the following: Are the characterizable cardinals closed under the powerset operation? We prove that if β is characterized by a Scott sentence, then 2 β + β is (homogeneously) characterized by a Scott sentence, for all 0 < β₁ < ω₁....

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