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2-normalization of lattices

Ivan Chajda, W. Cheng, S. L. Wismath (2008)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Let τ be a type of algebras. A valuation of terms of type τ is a function v assigning to each term t of type τ a value v ( t ) 0 . For k 1 , an identity s t of type τ is said to be k -normal (with respect to valuation v ) if either s = t or both s and t have value k . Taking k = 1 with respect to the usual depth valuation of terms gives the well-known property of normality of identities. A variety is called k -normal (with respect to the valuation v ) if all its identities are k -normal. For any variety V , there is a least...

A groupoid characterization of Boolean algebras

Ivan Chajda (2004)

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications

We present a groupoid which can be converted into a Boolean algebra with respect to term operations. Also conversely, every Boolean algebra can be reached in this way.

Affine spaces as models for regular identities

Jung R. Cho, Józef Dudek (2002)

Colloquium Mathematicae

In [7] and [8], two sets of regular identities without finite proper models were introduced. In this paper we show that deleting one identity from any of these sets, we obtain a set of regular identities whose models include all affine spaces over GF(p) for prime numbers p ≥ 5. Moreover, we prove that this set characterizes affine spaces over GF(5) in the sense that each proper model of these regular identities has at least 13 ternary term functions and the number 13 is attained if and only if the...

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