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A note on some expansions of p-adic functions

Grzegorz Szkibiel (1992)

Acta Arithmetica

Introduction. Recently J. Rutkowski (see [3]) has defined the p-adic analogue of the Walsh system, which we shall denote by ( ϕ ) m . The system ( ϕ ) m is defined in the space C(ℤₚ,ℂₚ) of ℂₚ-valued continuous functions on ℤₚ. J. Rutkowski has also considered some questions concerning expansions of functions from C(ℤₚ,ℂₚ) with respect to ( ϕ ) m . This paper is a remark to Rutkowski’s paper. We define another system ( h ) n in C(ℤₚ,ℂₚ), investigate its properties and compare it to the system defined by Rutkowski. The system...

A p-adic behaviour of dynamical systems.

Stany De Smedt, Andrew Khrennikov (1999)

Revista Matemática Complutense

We study dynamical systems in the non-Archimedean number fields (i.e. fields with non-Archimedean valuation). The main results are obtained for the fields of p-adic numbers and complex p-adic numbers. Already the simplest p-adic dynamical systems have a very rich structure. There exist attractors, Siegel disks and cycles. There also appear new structures such as fuzzy cycles. A prime number p plays the role of parameter of a dynamical system. The behavior of the iterations depends on this parameter...

Analytical properties of power series on Levi-Civita fields

Khodr Shamseddine, Martin Berz (2005)

Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal

A detailed study of power series on the Levi-Civita fields is presented. After reviewing two types of convergence on those fields, including convergence criteria for power series, we study some analytical properties of power series. We show that within their domain of convergence, power series are infinitely often differentiable and re-expandable around any point within the radius of convergence from the origin. Then we study a large class of functions that are given locally by power series and...

Functional calculus for a class of unbounded linear operators on some non-archimedean Banach spaces

Dodzi Attimu, Toka Diagana (2009)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

This paper is mainly concerned with extensions of the so-called Vishik functional calculus for analytic bounded linear operators to a class of unbounded linear operators on c 0 . For that, our first task consists of introducing a new class of linear operators denoted W ( c 0 ( J , ω , 𝕂 ) ) and next we make extensive use of such a new class along with the concept of convergence in the sense of resolvents to construct a functional calculus for a large class of unbounded linear operators.

Integrable functions for the Bernoulli measures of rank 1

Hamadoun Maïga (2010)

Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal

In this paper, following the p -adic integration theory worked out by A. F. Monna and T. A. Springer [4, 5] and generalized by A. C. M. van Rooij and W. H. Schikhof [6, 7] for the spaces which are not σ -compacts, we study the class of integrable p -adic functions with respect to Bernoulli measures of rank 1 . Among these measures, we characterize those which are invertible and we give their inverse in the form of series.

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