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A noncommutative version of a Theorem of Marczewski for submeasures

Paolo de Lucia, Pedro Morales (1992)

Studia Mathematica

It is shown that every monocompact submeasure on an orthomodular poset is order continuous. From this generalization of the classical Marczewski Theorem, several results of commutative Measure Theory are derived and unified.

Algebraic ramifications of the common extension problem for group-valued measures

Rüdiger Göbel, R. Shortt (1994)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Let G be an Abelian group and let μ: A → G and ν: B → G be finitely additive measures (charges) defined on fields A and B of subsets of a set X. It is assumed that μ and ν agree on A ∩ B, i.e. they are consistent. The existence of common extensions of μ and ν is investigated, and conditions on A and B facilitating such extensions are given.

Decomposition of group-valued measures on orthoalgebras

Paolo De Lucia, Pedro Morales (1998)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We present a general decomposition theorem for a positive inner regular finitely additive measure on an orthoalgebra L with values in an ordered topological group G, not necessarily commutative. In the case where L is a Boolean algebra, we establish the uniqueness of such a decomposition. With mild extra hypotheses on G, we extend this Boolean decomposition, preserving the uniqueness, to the case where the measure is order bounded instead of being positive. This last result generalizes A. D. Aleksandrov's...

Decomposition of -group-valued measures

Giuseppina Barbieri, Antonietta Valente, Hans Weber (2012)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

We deal with decomposition theorems for modular measures μ : L G defined on a D-lattice with values in a Dedekind complete -group. Using the celebrated band decomposition theorem of Riesz in Dedekind complete -groups, several decomposition theorems including the Lebesgue decomposition theorem, the Hewitt-Yosida decomposition theorem and the Alexandroff decomposition theorem are derived. Our main result—also based on the band decomposition theorem of Riesz—is the Hammer-Sobczyk decomposition for -group-valued...

Dieudonné-type theorems for lattice group-valued k -triangular set functions

Antonio Boccuto, Xenofon Dimitriou (2019)


Some versions of Dieudonné-type convergence and uniform boundedness theorems are proved, for k -triangular and regular lattice group-valued set functions. We use sliding hump techniques and direct methods. We extend earlier results, proved in the real case. Furthermore, we pose some open problems.

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