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Multidimensional decay in the van der Corput lemma

Michael Ruzhansky (2012)

Studia Mathematica

We establish a multidimensional decay of oscillatory integrals with degenerate stationary points, gaining the decay with respect to all space variables. This bridges the gap between the one-dimensional decay for degenerate stationary points given by the classical van der Corput lemma and the multidimensional decay for non-degenerate stationary points given by the stationary phase method. Complex-valued phase functions as well as phases and amplitudes of limited regularity are considered. Conditions...

On the stabilization of laminated beams with delay

Kassimu Mpungu, Tijani A. Apalara, Mukhiddin Muminov (2021)

Applications of Mathematics

Of concern in this paper is the laminated beam system with frictional damping and an internal constant delay term in the transverse displacement. Under suitable assumptions on the weight of the delay, we establish that the system's energy decays exponentially in the case of equal wave speeds of propagation, and polynomially in the case of non-equal wave speeds.

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