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An analytic method for the initial value problem of the electric field system in vertical inhomogeneous anisotropic media

Valery Yakhno, Ali Sevimlican (2011)

Applications of Mathematics

The time-dependent system of partial differential equations of the second order describing the electric wave propagation in vertically inhomogeneous electrically and magnetically biaxial anisotropic media is considered. A new analytical method for solving an initial value problem for this system is the main object of the paper. This method consists in the following: the initial value problem is written in terms of Fourier images with respect to lateral space variables, then the resulting problem...

Exact boundary controllability of coupled hyperbolic equations

Sergei Avdonin, Abdon Choque Rivero, Luz de Teresa (2013)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

We study the exact boundary controllability of two coupled one dimensional wave equations with a control acting only in one equation. The problem is transformed into a moment problem. This framework has been used in control theory of distributed parameter systems since the classical works of A.G. Butkovsky, H.O. Fattorini and D.L. Russell in the late 1960s to the early 1970s. We use recent results on the Riesz basis property of exponential divided differences.

Global existence for coupled Klein-Gordon equations with different speeds

Pierre Germain (2011)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

Consider, in dimension 3, a system of coupled Klein-Gordon equations with different speeds, and an arbitrary quadratic nonlinearity. We show, for data which are small, smooth, and localized, that a global solution exists, and that it scatters. The proof relies on the space-time resonance approach; it turns out that the resonant structure of this equation has features which were not studied before, but which are generic in some sense.

Global solutions of quasilinear systems of Klein–Gordon equations in 3D

Alexandru D. Ionescu, Benoît Pausader (2014)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We prove small data global existence and scattering for quasilinear systems of Klein-Gordon equations with different speeds, in dimension three. As an application, we obtain a robust global stability result for the Euler-Maxwell equations for electrons.

Sensors and boundary state reconstruction of hyperbolic systems

El Hassan Zerrik, Hamid Bourray, Samir Ben Hadid (2010)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

This paper deals with the problem of regional observability of hyperbolic systems in the case where the subregion of interest is a boundary part of the system evolution domain. We give a definition and establish characterizations in connection with the sensor structure. Then we show that it is possible to reconstruct the system state on a subregion of the boundary. The developed approach, based on the Hilbert uniqueness method (Lions, 1988), leads to a reconstruction algorithm. The obtained results...

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