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Asymptotic stability for a nonlinear evolution equation

Zhang Hongwei, Chen Guowang (2004)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae

We establish the asymptotic stability of solutions of the mixed problem for the nonlinear evolution equation ( | u t | r - 2 u t ) t - Δ u t t - Δ u - δ Δ u t = f ( u ) .

On geometry of fronts in wave propagations

Susumu Tanabé (1999)

Banach Center Publications

We give a geometric descriptions of (wave) fronts in wave propagation processes. Concrete form of defining function of wave front issued from initial algebraic variety is obtained by the aid of Gauss-Manin systems associated with certain complete intersection singularities. In the case of propagations on the plane, we get restrictions on types of possible cusps that can appear on the wave front.

On the problem of symmetrization of hyperbolic equations

V. Kostin (1992)

Banach Center Publications

The aspects of symmetrization of hyperbolic equations which will be considered in this review have their own history and are related to some classical results from other areas of mathematics ([12]). Here symmetrization means representation of an initial system of equations in the form of a symmetric t-hyperbolic system in the sense of Friedrichs. Some equations of mathematical physics, for example, the equations of acoustics, of gas dynamics, etc. already have this form. In the 70's S. K. Godunov...

Sharp Domains of Determinacy and Hamilton-Jacobi Equations

Jean-Luc Joly, Guy Métivier, Jeffrey Rauch (2004/2005)

Séminaire Équations aux dérivées partielles

If L ( t , x , t , x ) is a linear hyperbolic system of partial differential operators for which local uniqueness in the Cauchy problem at spacelike hypersurfaces is known, we find nearly optimal domains of determinacy of open sets Ω 0 { t = 0 } . The frozen constant coefficient operators L ( t ̲ , x ̲ , t , x ) determine local convex propagation cones, Γ + ( t ̲ , x ̲ ) . Influence curves are curves whose tangent always lies in these cones. We prove that the set of points Ω which cannot be reached by influence curves beginning in the exterior of Ω 0 is a domain of...

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