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Exact boundary synchronization for a coupled system of 1-D wave equations

Tatsien Li, Bopeng Rao, Long Hu (2014)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

Several kinds of exact synchronizations and the generalized exact synchronization are introduced for a coupled system of 1-D wave equations with various boundary conditions and we show that these synchronizations can be realized by means of some boundary controls.

Global existence for nonlinear system of wave equations in 3-D domains

Jianwei Yang (2011)

Applicationes Mathematicae

We study the initial-boundary problem for a nonlinear system of wave equations with Hamilton structure under Dirichlet's condition. We use the local-in-time Strichartz estimates from [Burq et al., J. Amer. Math. Soc. 21 (2008), 831-845], Morawetz-Pohožaev's identity derived in [Miao and Zhu, Nonlinear Anal. 67 (2007), 3136-3151], and an a priori estimate of the solutions restricted to the boundary to show the existence of global and unique solutions.

Logarithmic stabilization of the Kirchhoff plate transmission system with locally distributed Kelvin-Voigt damping

Gimyong Hong, Hakho Hong (2022)

Applications of Mathematics

We are concerned with a transmission problem for the Kirchhoff plate equation where one small part of the domain is made of a viscoelastic material with the Kelvin-Voigt constitutive relation. We obtain the logarithmic stabilization result (explicit energy decay rate), as well as the wellposedness, for the transmission system. The method is based on a new Carleman estimate to obtain information on the resolvent for high frequency. The main ingredient of the proof is some careful analysis for the...

Torsional asymmetry in suspension bridge systems

Josef Malík (2015)

Applications of Mathematics

In this paper a dynamic linear model of suspension bridge center spans is formulated and three different ways of fixing the main cables are studied. The model describes vertical and torsional oscillations of the deck under the action of lateral wind. The mutual interactions of main cables, center span, and hangers are analyzed. Three variational evolutions are analyzed. The variational equations correspond to the way how the main cables are fixed. The existence, uniqueness, and continuous dependence...

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