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Application of a center manifold theory to a reaction-diffusion system of collective motion of camphor disks and boats

Shin-Ichiro Ei, Kota Ikeda, Masaharu Nagayama, Akiyasu Tomoeda (2014)

Mathematica Bohemica

Unidirectional motion along an annular water channel can be observed in an experiment even with only one camphor disk or boat. Moreover, the collective motion of camphor disks or boats in the water channel exhibits a homogeneous and an inhomogeneous state, depending on the number of disks or boats, which looks like a kind of bifurcation phenomena. In a theoretical research, the unidirectional motion is represented by a traveling wave solution in a model. Hence it suffices to investigate a linearized...

Bifurcations for Turing instability without SO(2) symmetry

Toshiyuki Ogawa, Takashi Okuda (2007)


In this paper, we consider the Swift–Hohenberg equation with perturbed boundary conditions. We do not a priori know the eigenfunctions for the linearized problem since the SO ( 2 ) symmetry of the problem is broken by perturbation. We show that how the neutral stability curves change and, as a result, how the bifurcation diagrams change by the perturbation of the boundary conditions.

Galerkin averaging method and Poincaré normal form for some quasilinear PDEs

Dario Bambusi (2005)

Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa - Classe di Scienze

We use the Galerkin averaging method to construct a coordinate transformation putting a nonlinear PDE in Poincaré normal form up to finite order. We also give a rigorous estimate of the remainder showing that it is small as a differential operator of very high order. The abstract theorem is then applied to a quasilinear wave equation, to the water wave problem and to a nonlinear heat equation. The normal form is then used to construct approximate solutions whose difference from true solutions is...

Multiple existence and stability of steady-states for a prey-predator system with cross-diffusion

Kousuke Kuto, Yoshio Yamada (2004)

Banach Center Publications

This article discusses a prey-predator system with cross-diffusion. We obtain multiple positive steady-state solutions of this system. More precisely, we prove that the set of positive steady-states possibly contains an S or ⊃-shaped branch with respect to a bifurcation parameter in the large cross-diffusion case. Next we give some criteria on the stability of these positive steady-states. Furthermore, we find the Hopf bifurcation point on the steady-state solution branch in a certain case. Our...

Rigidity results for Bernoulli actions and their von Neumann algebras

Stefaan Vaes (2005/2006)

Séminaire Bourbaki

Using very original methods from operator algebras, Sorin Popa has shown that the orbit structure of the Bernoulli action of a property (T) group, completely remembers the group and the action. This information is even essentially contained in the crossed product von Neumann algebra. This is the first von Neumann strong rigidity theorem in the literature. The same methods allow Popa to obtain II 1 factors with prescribed countable fundamental group.

Soluzioni periodiche di PDEs Hamiltoniane

Massimiliano Berti (2004)

Bollettino dell'Unione Matematica Italiana

Presentiamo nuovi risultati di esistenza e molteplicità di soluzioni periodiche di piccola ampiezza per equazioni alle derivate parziali Hamiltoniane. Otteniamo soluzioni periodiche di equazioni «completamente risonanti» aventi nonlinearità generali grazie ad una riduzione di tipo Lyapunov-Schmidt variazionale ed usando argomenti di min-max. Per equazioni «non risonanti» dimostriamo l'esistenza di soluzioni periodiche di tipo Birkhoff-Lewis, mediante un'opportuna forma normale di Birkhoff e realizzando...

Stability and gradient dynamical systems.

Jack K. Hale (2004)

Revista Matemática Complutense

The objective in these notes is to present an approach to dynamical systems in infinite dimensions. It does not seem reasonable to make a comparison of all of the orbits of the dynamics of two systems on non locally compact infinite dimensional spaces. Therefore, we choose to compare them on the set of globally defined bounded solutions. Fundamental problems are posed and several important results are stated when this set is compact. We then give results on the dynamical system which will ensure...

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