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Design of a Participatory Decision Making Agent Architecture Based on Argumentation and Influence Function – Application to a Serious Game about Biodiversity Conservation

Alessandro Sordoni, Jean-Pierre Briot, Isabelle Alvarez, Eurico Vasconcelos, Marta de Azevedo Irving, Gustavo Melo (2010)

RAIRO - Operations Research

This paper addresses an ongoing experience in the design of an artificial agent taking decisions and combining them with the decisions taken by human agents. The context is a serious game research project, aimed at computer-based support for participatory management of protected areas (and more specifically national parks) in order to promote biodiversity conservation and social inclusion. Its objective is to help various stakeholders (e.g., environmentalist, tourism operator) to collectively understand...

Ecological-Economic Model of the Region: Information Technology, Forecasting and Optimal Control

V. Gurman, V. Baturin (2009)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

The paper considers a methodology of mathematical modeling of ecological-economic processes at the regional level. The basis of the model is formed by equations, which describe two interacting blocks: economic and ecological ones. Equations of the economic block are represented by relations of generalized inter-branch balance, while the ecological part is described in terms of differential equations with deviations with respect to some given state of natural resources. Issues of i) information...

Mathematical Modeling Describing the Effect of Fishing and Dispersion on Hermaphrodite Population Dynamics

S. Ben Miled, A. Kebir, M. L. Hbid (2010)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

In order to study the impact of fishing on a grouper population, we propose in this paper to model the dynamics of a grouper population in a fishing territory by using structured models. For that purpose, we have integrated the natural population growth, the fishing, the competition for shelter and the dispersion. The dispersion was considered as a consequence of the competition. First we prove, that the grouper stocks may be less sensitive to the...

Nash equilibrium for a multiobjective control problem related to wastewater management

Néstor García-Chan, Rafael Muñoz-Sola, Miguel Ernesto Vázquez-Méndez (2009)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations

This paper is concerned with mathematical modelling in the management of a wastewater treatment system. The problem is formulated as looking for a Nash equilibrium of a multiobjective pointwise control problem of a parabolic equation. Existence of solution is proved and a first order optimality system is obtained. Moreover, a numerical method to solve this system is detailed and numerical results are shown in a realistic situation posed in the estuary of Vigo (Spain).

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