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A deterministic LQ tracking problem: parametrisation of the controller

Ľuboš Čirka, Ján Mikleš, Miroslav Fikar (2002)


The article discusses an optimal Linear Quadratic (LQ) deterministic control problem when the Youla–Kučera parametrisation of controller is used. We provide a computational procedure for computing a deterministic optimal single-input single-output (SISO) controller from any stabilising controller. This approach allows us to calculate a new optimal LQ deterministic controller from a previous one when the plant has changed. The design based on the Youla –Kučera parametrisation approach is compared...

Control error dynamic modification as an efficient tool for reduction of effects introduced by actuator constraints

Krzysztof B. Janiszowski (2009)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

A modification of digital controller algorithms, based on the introduction of a virtual reference value, which never exceeds active constraints in the actuator output is presented and investigated for some algorithms used in single-loop control systems. This idea, derived from virtual modification of a control error, can be used in digital control systems subjected to both magnitude and rate constraints. The modification is introduced in the form of on-line adaptation to the control task. Hence...

H 2 optimal decoupling of previewed signals in the discrete-time case

Giovanni Marro, Domenico Prattichizzo, Elena Zattoni (2002)


The synthesis of a feedforward unit for H 2 optimal decoupling of measurable or previewed signals in discrete-time linear time-invariant systems is considered. It is shown that an H 2 optimal compensator can be achieved by connecting a finite impulse response (FIR) system and a stable dynamic unit. To derive the FIR system convolution profiles an easily implementable computational scheme based on pseudoinversion (possibly nested to avoid computational constraints) is proposed, while the dynamic unit...

Measuring and maintaining consistency: a hybrid FTF algorithm

James Bunch, Richard Le Borne, Ian Proudler (2001)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Due to the versatility as well as its ease of implementation, the Fast Transversal Filters algorithm is attractive for many adaptive filtering applications. However, it is not widely used because of its undesirable tendency to diverge when operating in finite precision arithmetic. To compensate, modifications to the algorithm have been introduced that are either occasional (performed when a predefined condition(s) is violated) or structured as part of the normal update iteration. However, in neither...

Robust Observer-based control of switched nonlinear systems with quantized and sampled output

Carlos Perez, Manuel Mera (2015)


This paper deals with the robust stabilization of a class of nonlinear switched systems with non-vanishing bounded perturbations. The nonlinearities in the systems satisfy a quasi-Lipschitz condition. An observer-based linear-type switching controller with quantized and sampled output signal is considered. Using a dwell-time approach and an extended version of the invariant ellipsoid method (IEM) sufficient conditions for stability in a practical sense are derived. These conditions are represented...

Towards a framework for continuous and discrete multidimensional systems

Rudolf Rabenstein, Lutz Trautmann (2003)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Continuous multidimensional systems described by partial differential equations can be represented by discrete systems in a number of ways. However, the relations between the various forms of continuous, semi-continuous, and discrete multidimensional systems do not fit into an established framework like in the case of one-dimensional systems. This paper contributes to the development of such a framework in the case of multidimensional systems. First, different forms of partial differential equations...

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