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A Multiscale Enrichment Procedure for Nonlinear Monotone Operators

Y. Efendiev, J. Galvis, M. Presho, J. Zhou (2014)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique

In this paper, multiscale finite element methods (MsFEMs) and domain decomposition techniques are developed for a class of nonlinear elliptic problems with high-contrast coefficients. In the process, existing work on linear problems [Y. Efendiev, J. Galvis, R. Lazarov, S. Margenov and J. Ren, Robust two-level domain decomposition preconditioners for high-contrast anisotropic flows in multiscale media. Submitted.; Y. Efendiev, J. Galvis and X. Wu, J. Comput. Phys. 230 (2011) 937–955; J. Galvis and...

A nonlinear eigenvalue problem with indefinite weights related to the Sobolev trace embedding.

Julián Fernández Bonder, Julio D. Rossi (2002)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

In this paper we study the Sobolev trace embedding W1,p(Ω) → LpV (∂Ω), where V is an indefinite weight. This embedding leads to a nonlinear eigenvalue problem where the eigenvalue appears at the (nonlinear) boundary condition. We prove that there exists a sequence of variational eigenvalues λk / +∞ and then show that the first eigenvalue is isolated, simple and monotone with respect to the weight. Then we prove a nonexistence result related to the first eigenvalue and we end this article with the...

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