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Bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings of a soliton hierarchy associated withSO(4)

Jian Zhang, Chiping Zhang, Yunan Cui (2017)

Open Mathematics

In our paper, the theory of bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings is generalized to the discrete case. First, based on the six-dimensional real special orthogonal Lie algebra SO(4), we construct bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings associated with SO(4) for a hierarchy from the enlarged matrix spectral problems and the enlarged zero curvature equations. Moreover, Hamiltonian structures of the obtained bi-integrable and tri-integrable couplings are constructed by the variational identities....

Calogero-Moser spaces and an adelic W -algebra

Emil Horozov (2005)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We introduce a Lie algebra, which we call adelic W -algebra. Then we construct a natural bosonic representation and show that the points of the Calogero-Moser spaces are in 1:1 correspondence with the tau-functions in this representation.

Dimers and cluster integrable systems

Alexander B. Goncharov, Richard Kenyon (2013)

Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure

We show that the dimer model on a bipartite graph Γ on a torus gives rise to a quantum integrable system of special type, which we call acluster integrable system. The phase space of the classical system contains, as an open dense subset, the moduli space Ł Γ of line bundles with connections on the graph Γ . The sum of Hamiltonians is essentially the partition function of the dimer model. We say that two such graphs Γ 1 and Γ 2 areequivalentif the Newton polygons of the corresponding partition functions...

Highest Weight Modules of W1+∞, Darboux Transformations and the Bispectral Problem

Bakalov, B., Horozov, E., Yakimov, M. (1997)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

This paper is a survey of our recent results on the bispectral problem. We describe a new method for constructing bispectral algebras of any rank and illustrate the method by a series of new examples as well as by all previously known ones. Next we exhibit a close connection of the bispectral problem to the representation theory of W1+∞–algerba. This connection allows us to explain and generalise to any rank the result of Magri and Zubelli on the symmetries of the manifold of the bispectral operators...

Integrable three-dimensional coupled nonlinear dynamical systems related to centrally extended operator Lie algebras and their Lax type three-linearization

J. Golenia, O. Hentosh, A. Prykarpatsky (2007)

Open Mathematics

The Hamiltonian representation for a hierarchy of Lax type equations on a dual space to the Lie algebra of integro-differential operators with matrix coefficients, extended by evolutions for eigenfunctions and adjoint eigenfunctions of the corresponding spectral problems, is obtained via some special Bäcklund transformation. The connection of this hierarchy with integrable by Lax two-dimensional Davey-Stewartson type systems is studied.

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