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A differential geometric setting for dynamic equivalence and dynamic linearization

Jean-Baptiste Pomet (1995)

Banach Center Publications

This paper presents an (infinite-dimensional) geometric framework for control systems, based on infinite jet bundles, where a system is represented by a single vector field and dynamic equivalence (to be precise: equivalence by endogenous dynamic feedback) is conjugation by diffeomorphisms. These diffeomorphisms are very much related to Lie-Bäcklund transformations. It is proved in this framework that dynamic equivalence of single-input systems is the same as static equivalence.

Attracting domains for semi-attractive transformations of Cp.

Monique Hakim (1994)

Publicacions Matemàtiques

Let F be a germ of analytic transformation of (Cp, 0). We say that F is semi-attractive at the origin, if F'(0) has one eigenvalue equal to 1 and if the other ones are of modulus strictly less than 1. The main result is: either there exists a curve of fixed points, or F - Id has multiplicity k and there exists a domain of attraction with k - 1 petals. We also study the case where F is a global isomorphism of C2 and F - Id has multiplicity k at the origin. This work has been inspired by two papers:...

Backlund-Darboux Transformations in Sato's Grassmannian

Bakalov, B., Horozov, E., Yakimov, M. (1996)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

We define Bäcklund–Darboux transformations in Sato’s Grassmannian. They can be regarded as Darboux transformations on maximal algebras of commuting ordinary differential operators. We describe the action of these transformations on related objects: wave functions, tau-functions and spectral algebras.

Calogero-Moser spaces and an adelic W -algebra

Emil Horozov (2005)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

We introduce a Lie algebra, which we call adelic W -algebra. Then we construct a natural bosonic representation and show that the points of the Calogero-Moser spaces are in 1:1 correspondence with the tau-functions in this representation.

Integrable analytic vector fields with a nilpotent linear part

Xianghong Gong (1995)

Annales de l'institut Fourier

We study the normalization of analytic vector fields with a nilpotent linear part. We prove that such an analytic vector field can be transformed into a certain form by convergent transformations when it has a non-singular formal integral. We then prove that there are smoothly linearizable parabolic analytic transformations which cannot be embedded into the flows of any analytic vector fields with a nilpotent linear part.

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