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A look on some results about Camassa–Holm type equations

Igor Leite Freire (2021)

Communications in Mathematics

We present an overview of some contributions of the author regarding Camassa--Holm type equations. We show that an equation unifying both Camassa--Holm and Novikov equations can be derived using the invariance under certain suitable scaling, conservation of the Sobolev norm and existence of peakon solutions. Qualitative analysis of the two-peakon dynamics is given.

On Numerical Solution of the Gardner–Ostrovsky Equation

M. A. Obregon, Y. A. Stepanyants (2012)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

A simple explicit numerical scheme is proposed for the solution of the Gardner–Ostrovsky equation (ut + cux + α uux + α1u2ux + βuxxx)x = γu which is also known as the extended rotation-modified Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) equation. This equation is used for the description of internal oceanic waves affected by Earth’ rotation. Particular versions of this equation with zero some of coefficients, α, α1, β, or γ are also known in numerous applications....

On Spectral Stability of Solitary Waves of Nonlinear Dirac Equation in 1D⋆⋆

G. Berkolaiko, A. Comech (2012)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

We study the spectral stability of solitary wave solutions to the nonlinear Dirac equation in one dimension. We focus on the Dirac equation with cubic nonlinearity, known as the Soler model in (1+1) dimensions and also as the massive Gross-Neveu model. Presented numerical computations of the spectrum of linearization at a solitary wave show that the solitary waves are spectrally stable. We corroborate our results by finding explicit expressions for...

On the long time behavior of KdV type equations

Nikolay Tzvetkov (2003/2004)

Séminaire Bourbaki

In a series of recent papers, Martel and Merle solved the long-standing open problem on the existence of blow up solutions in the energy space for the critical generalized Korteweg- de Vries equation. Martel and Merle introduced new tools to study the nonlinear dynamics close to a solitary wave solution. The aim of the talk is to discuss the main ideas developed by Martel-Merle, together with a presentation of previously known closely related results.

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