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Approximation of functions from L p ( ω ) β by general linear operators of their Fourier series

Włodzimierz Łenski, Bogdan Szal (2011)

Banach Center Publications

We show the general and precise conditions on the functions and modulus of continuity as well as on the entries of matrices generating the summability means and give the rates of approximation of functions from the generalized integral Lipschitz classes by double matrix means of their Fourier series. Consequently, we give some results on norm approximation. Thus we essentially extend and improve our earlier results [Acta Comment. Univ. Tartu. Math. 13 (2009), 11-24] and the result of S. Lal [Appl....

Axiomatic theory of divergent series and cohomological equations

Yu. I. Lyubich (2008)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

A general theory of summation of divergent series based on the Hardy-Kolmogorov axioms is developed. A class of functional series is investigated by means of ergodic theory. The results are formulated in terms of solvability of some cohomological equations, all solutions to which are nonmeasurable. In particular, this realizes a construction of a nonmeasurable function as first conjectured by Kolmogorov.

Currently displaying 1 – 20 of 114

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