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A Bochner type theorem for inductive limits of Gelfand pairs

Marouane Rabaoui (2008)

Annales de l’institut Fourier

In this article, we prove a generalisation of Bochner-Godement theorem. Our result deals with Olshanski spherical pairs ( G , K ) defined as inductive limits of increasing sequences of Gelfand pairs ( G ( n ) , K ( n ) ) n 1 . By using the integral representation theory of G. Choquet on convex cones, we establish a Bochner type representation of any element ϕ of the set 𝒫 ( G ) of K -biinvariant continuous functions of positive type on G .

A moment sequence in the q-world

Anna Kula (2007)

Banach Center Publications

The aim of the paper is to present some initial results about a possible generalization of moment sequences to a so-called q-calculus. A characterization of such a q-analogue in terms of appropriate positivity conditions is also investigated. Using the result due to Maserick and Szafraniec, we adapt a classical description of Hausdorff moment sequences in terms of positive definiteness and complete monotonicity to the q-situation. This makes a link between q-positive definiteness and q-complete...

A q-analogue of complete monotonicity

Anna Kula (2008)

Colloquium Mathematicae

The aim of this paper is to give a q-analogue for complete monotonicity. We apply a classical characterization of Hausdorff moment sequences in terms of positive definiteness and complete monotonicity, adapted to the q-situation. The method due to Maserick and Szafraniec that does not need moments turns out to be useful. A definition of a q-moment sequence appears as a by-product.

Completely monotone functions of finite order and Agler's conditions

Sameer Chavan, V. M. Sholapurkar (2015)

Studia Mathematica

Motivated by some structural properties of Drury-Arveson d-shift, we investigate a class of functions consisting of polynomials and completely monotone functions defined on the semi-group ℕ of non-negative integers, and its operator-theoretic counterpart which we refer to as the class of completely hypercontractive tuples of finite order. We obtain a Lévy-Khinchin type integral representation for the spherical generating tuples associated with such operator tuples and discuss its applications.

Complex Hadamard matrices and the spectral set conjecture.

Mihail N. Kolountzakis, Máté Matolcsi (2006)

Collectanea Mathematica

By analyzing the connection between complex Hadamard matrices and spectral sets, we prove the direction "spectral ⇒ tile" of the Spectral Set Conjecture, for all sets A of size |A| ≤ 5, in any finite Abelian group. This result is then extended to the infinite grid Zd for any dimension d, and finally to Rd.

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