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A class of weighted convolution Fréchet algebras

Thomas Vils Pedersen (2010)

Banach Center Publications

For an increasing sequence (ωₙ) of algebra weights on ℝ⁺ we study various properties of the Fréchet algebra A(ω) = ⋂ ₙ L¹(ωₙ) obtained as the intersection of the weighted Banach algebras L¹(ωₙ). We show that every endomorphism of A(ω) is standard, if for all n ∈ ℕ there exists m ∈ ℕ such that ω m ( t ) / ω ( t ) as t → ∞. Moreover, we characterise the continuous derivations on this algebra: Let M(ωₙ) be the corresponding weighted measure algebras and let B(ω) = ⋂ ₙM(ωₙ). If for all n ∈ ℕ there exists m ∈ ℕ such that...

A spectral theory for locally compact abelian groups of automorphisms of commutative Banach algebras

Sen Huang (1999)

Studia Mathematica

Let A be a commutative Banach algebra with Gelfand space ∆ (A). Denote by Aut (A) the group of all continuous automorphisms of A. Consider a σ(A,∆(A))-continuous group representation α:G → Aut(A) of a locally compact abelian group G by automorphisms of A. For each a ∈ A and φ ∈ ∆(A), the function φ a ( t ) : = φ ( α t a ) t ∈ G is in the space C(G) of all continuous and bounded functions on G. The weak-star spectrum σ w * ( φ a ) is defined as a closed subset of the dual group Ĝ of G. For φ ∈ ∆(A) we define Ʌ φ a to be the union of all...

Additively spectral-radius preserving surjections between unital semisimple commutative Banach algebras

Osamu Hatori, Go Hirasawa, Takeshi Miura (2010)

Open Mathematics

Let A and B be unital, semisimple commutative Banach algebras with the maximal ideal spaces M A and M B, respectively, and let r(a) be the spectral radius of a. We show that if T: A → B is a surjective mapping, not assumed to be linear, satisfying r(T(a) + T(b)) = r(a + b) for all a; b ∈ A, then there exist a homeomorphism φ: M B → M A and a closed and open subset K of M B such that T a ^ y = T e ^ y a ^ φ y y K T e ^ y a ^ φ y ¯ y M K for all a ∈ A, where e is unit element of A. If, in addition, T e ^ = 1 and T i e ^ = i on M B, then T is an algebra isomorphism.

Algebras of holomorphic functions with Hadamard multiplication

Hermann Render, Andreas Sauer (1996)

Studia Mathematica

A systematic investigation of algebras of holomorphic functions endowed with the Hadamard product is given. For example we show that the set of all non-invertible elements is dense and that each multiplicative functional is continuous, answering some questions in the literature.

Almost multiplicative functions on commutative Banach algebras

S. H. Kulkarni, D. Sukumar (2010)

Studia Mathematica

Let A be a complex commutative Banach algebra with unit 1 and δ > 0. A linear map ϕ: A → ℂ is said to be δ-almost multiplicative if |ϕ(ab) - ϕ(a)ϕ(b)| ≤ δ||a|| ||b|| for all a,b ∈ A. Let 0 < ϵ < 1. The ϵ-condition spectrum of an element a in A is defined by σ ϵ ( a ) : = λ : | | λ - a | | | | ( λ - a ) - 1 | | 1 / ϵ with the convention that | | λ - a | | | | ( λ - a ) - 1 | | = when λ - a is not invertible. We prove the following results connecting these two notions: (1) If ϕ(1) = 1 and ϕ is δ-almost multiplicative, then ϕ ( a ) σ δ ( a ) for all a in A. (2) If ϕ is linear and ϕ ( a ) σ ϵ ( a ) for all a in A,...

An extremal problem in Banach algebras

Anders Olofsson (2001)

Studia Mathematica

We study asymptotics of a class of extremal problems rₙ(A,ε) related to norm controlled inversion in Banach algebras. In a general setting we prove estimates that can be considered as quantitative refinements of a theorem of Jan-Erik Björk [1]. In the last section we specialize further and consider a class of analytic Beurling algebras. In particular, a question raised by Jan-Erik Björk in [1] is answered in the negative.

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