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A characterization of maximal regular ideals in lmc algebras

Maria Fragoulopoulou (1992)

Studia Mathematica

A question of Warner and Whitley concerning a nonunital version of the Gleason-Kahane-Żelazko theorem is considered in the context of nonnormed topological algebras. Among other things it is shown that a closed hyperplane M of a commutative symmetric F*-algebra E with Lindelöf Gel'fand space is a maximal regular ideal iff each element of M belongs to some closed maximal regular ideal of E.

An amalgamation of the Banach spaces associated with James and Schreier, Part II: Banach-algebra structure

Alistair Bird (2010)

Banach Center Publications

The James-Schreier spaces, defined by amalgamating James' quasi-reflexive Banach spaces and Schreier space, can be equipped with a Banach-algebra structure. We answer some questions relating to their cohomology and ideal structure, and investigate the relations between them. In particular we show that the James-Schreier algebras are weakly amenable but not amenable, and relate these algebras to their multiplier algebras and biduals.

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