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A characterization of the invertible measures

A. Ülger (2007)

Studia Mathematica

Let G be a locally compact abelian group and M(G) its measure algebra. Two measures μ and λ are said to be equivalent if there exists an invertible measure ϖ such that ϖ*μ = λ. The main result of this note is the following: A measure μ is invertible iff |μ̂| ≥ ε on Ĝ for some ε > 0 and μ is equivalent to a measure λ of the form λ = a + θ, where a ∈ L¹(G) and θ ∈ M(G) is an idempotent measure.

A hierarchy in the family of real surjective functions

Mar Fenoy-Muñoz, José Luis Gámez-Merino, Gustavo A. Muñoz-Fernández, Eva Sáez-Maestro (2017)

Open Mathematics

This expository paper focuses on the study of extreme surjective functions in ℝℝ. We present several different types of extreme surjectivity by providing examples and crucial properties. These examples help us to establish a hierarchy within the different classes of surjectivity we deal with. The classes presented here are: everywhere surjective functions, strongly everywhere surjective functions, κ-everywhere surjective functions, perfectly everywhere surjective functions and Jones functions. The...

A note on a construction of J. F. Feinstein

M. J. Heath (2005)

Studia Mathematica

In [6] J. F. Feinstein constructed a compact plane set X such that R(X), the uniform closure of the algebra of rational functions with poles off X, has no non-zero, bounded point derivations but is not weakly amenable. In the same paper he gave an example of a separable uniform algebra A such that every point in the character space of A is a peak point but A is not weakly amenable. We show that it is possible to modify the construction in order to produce examples which are also regular.

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