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A counterexample to the Γ-interpolation conjecture

Adama S. Kamara (2015)

Annales Polonici Mathematici

Agler, Lykova and Young introduced a sequence C ν , where ν ≥ 0, of necessary conditions for the solvability of the finite interpolation problem for analytic functions from the open unit disc into the symmetrized bidisc Γ. They conjectured that condition C n - 2 is necessary and sufficient for the solvability of an n-point interpolation problem. The aim of this article is to give a counterexample to that conjecture.

Bounds for Fractional Powers of Operators in a Hilbert Space and Constants in Moment Inequalities

I. Gil’, Michael (2009)

Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

Mathematics Subject Classification: 47A56, 47A57,47A63We derive bounds for the norms of the fractional powers of operators with compact Hermitian components, and operators having compact inverses in a separable Hilbert space. Moreover, for these operators, as well as for dissipative operators, the constants in the moment inequalities are established.* This research was supported by the Kamea Fund of Israel.

Commuting Nonselfadjoint Operators and their Characteristic Operator-Functions

Kirchev, K., Borisova, G. (1997)

Serdica Mathematical Journal

* Partially supported by Grant MM-428/94 of MESC.In this paper we present some generalizations of results of M. S. Livšic [4,6], concerning regular colligations (A1, A2, H, Φ, E, σ1, σ2, γ, ˜γ) (σ1 > 0) of a pair of commuting nonselfadjoint operators A1, A2 with finite dimensional imaginary parts, their complete characteristic functions and a class Ω(σ1, σ2) of operator-functions W(x1, x2, z): E → E in the case of an inner function W(1, 0, z) of the class Ω(σ1). ...

Denting point in the space of operator-valued continuous maps.

Ryszard Grzaslewicz, Samir B. Hadid (1996)

Revista Matemática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid

In a former paper we describe the geometric properties of the space of continuous functions with values in the space of operators acting on a Hilbert space. In particular we show that dent B(L(H)) = ext B(L(H)) if dim H < 8 and card K < 8 and dent B(L(H)) = 0 if dim H < 8 or card K = 8, and x-ext C(K,L(H)) = ext C(K,L(H)).

Doubly commuting submodules of the Hardy module over polydiscs

Jaydeb Sarkar, Amol Sasane, Brett D. Wick (2013)

Studia Mathematica

In this note we establish a vector-valued version of Beurling’s theorem (the Lax-Halmos theorem) for the polydisc. As an application of the main result, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions for the “weak” completion problem in H ( ) .

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