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A note on preservation of spectra for two given operators

Carlos Carpintero, Alexander Gutiérrez, Ennis Rosas, José Sanabria (2020)

Mathematica Bohemica

We study the relationships between the spectra derived from Fredholm theory corresponding to two given bounded linear operators acting on the same space. The main goal of this paper is to obtain sufficient conditions for which the spectra derived from Fredholm theory and other parts of the spectra corresponding to two given operators are preserved. As an application of our results, we give conditions for which the above mentioned spectra corresponding to two multiplication operators acting on the...

A note on the a -Browder’s and a -Weyl’s theorems

M. Amouch, H. Zguitti (2008)

Mathematica Bohemica

Let T be a Banach space operator. In this paper we characterize a -Browder’s theorem for T by the localized single valued extension property. Also, we characterize a -Weyl’s theorem under the condition E a ( T ) = π a ( T ) , where E a ( T ) is the set of all eigenvalues of T which are isolated in the approximate point spectrum and π a ( T ) is the set of all left poles of T . Some applications are also given.

A Note on the Alexander Theorem on the Complex Plane

Sylwester Zając (2012)

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics

We investigate the Banach manifold consisting of complex r functions on the unit disc having boundary values in a given one-dimensional submanifold of the plane. We show that ∂/∂λ̅ restricted to that submanifold is a Fredholm mapping. Moreover, for any such function we obtain a relation between its homotopy class and the Fredholm index.

A note on the index of B -Fredholm operators

M. Berkani, Dagmar Medková (2004)

Mathematica Bohemica

From Corollary 3.5 in [Berkani, M; Sarih, M.; Studia Math. 148 (2001), 251–257] we know that if S , T are commuting B -Fredholm operators acting on a Banach space X , then S T is a B -Fredholm operator. In this note we show that in general we do not have error ( S T ) = error ( S ) + error ( T ) , contrarily to what has been announced in Theorem 3.2 in [Berkani, M; Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 130 (2002), 1717–1723]. However, if there exist U , V L ( X ) such that S , T , U , V are commuting and U S + V T = I , then error ( S T ) = error ( S ) + error ( T ) , where error stands for the index of a B -Fredholm operator.

A-Browder-type theorems for direct sums of operators

Mohammed Berkani, Mustapha Sarih, Hassan Zariouh (2016)

Mathematica Bohemica

We study the stability of a-Browder-type theorems for orthogonal direct sums of operators. We give counterexamples which show that in general the properties ( SBaw ) , ( SBab ) , ( SBw ) and ( SBb ) are not preserved under direct sums of operators. However, we prove that if S and T are bounded linear operators acting on Banach spaces and having the property ( SBab ) , then S T has the property ( SBab ) if and only if σ SBF + - ( S T ) = σ SBF + - ( S ) σ SBF + - ( T ) , where σ SBF + - ( T ) is the upper semi-B-Weyl spectrum of T . We obtain analogous preservation results for the properties ( SBaw ) , ( SBb ) and ( SBw ) with...

Abstract Weyl-type theorems

Mohammed Berkani (2016)

Mathematica Bohemica

In this paper, we give a new approach to the study of Weyl-type theorems. Precisely, we introduce the concepts of spectral valued and spectral partitioning functions. Using two natural order relations on the set of spectral valued functions, we reduce the question of relationship between Weyl-type theorems to the study of the set difference between the parts of the spectrum that are involved. This study solves completely the question of relationship between two spectral valued functions, comparable...

An Atkinson-type theorem for B-Fredholm operators

M. Berkani, M. Sarih (2001)

Studia Mathematica

Let X be a Banach space and let T be a bounded linear operator acting on X. Atkinson's well known theorem says that T is a Fredholm operator if and only if its projection in the algebra L(X)/F₀(X) is invertible, where F₀(X) is the ideal of finite rank operators in the algebra L(X) of bounded linear operators acting on X. In the main result of this paper we establish an Atkinson-type theorem for B-Fredholm operators. More precisely we prove that T is a B-Fredholm operator if and only if its projection...

An index formula for chains

Robin Harte, Woo Lee (1995)

Studia Mathematica

We derive a formula for the index of Fredholm chains on normed spaces.

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