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Computing the numerical range of Krein space operators

Natalia Bebiano, J. da Providência, A. Nata, J.P. da Providência (2015)

Open Mathematics

Consider the Hilbert space (H,〈• , •〉) equipped with the indefinite inner product[u,v]=v*J u,u,v∈ H, where J is an indefinite self-adjoint involution acting on H. The Krein space numerical range WJ(T) of an operator T acting on H is the set of all the values attained by the quadratic form [Tu,u], with u ∈H satisfying [u,u]=± 1. We develop, implement and test an alternative algorithm to compute WJ(T) in the finite dimensional case, constructing 2 by 2 matrix compressions of T and their easily determined...

Linear maps preserving elements annihilated by the polynomial X Y - Y X

Jianlian Cui, Jinchuan Hou (2006)

Studia Mathematica

Let H and K be complex complete indefinite inner product spaces, and ℬ(H,K) (ℬ(H) if K = H) the set of all bounded linear operators from H into K. For every T ∈ ℬ(H,K), denote by T the indefinite conjugate of T. Suppose that Φ: ℬ(H) → ℬ(K) is a bijective linear map. We prove that Φ satisfies Φ ( A ) Φ ( B ) = Φ ( B ) Φ ( A ) for all A, B ∈ ℬ(H) with A B = B A if and only if there exist a nonzero real number c and a generalized indefinite unitary operator U ∈ ℬ(H,K) such that Φ ( A ) = c U A U for all A ∈ ℬ(H).

New results for EP matrices in indefinite inner product spaces

Ivana M. Radojević (2014)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In this paper we study J -EP matrices, as a generalization of EP-matrices in indefinite inner product spaces, with respect to indefinite matrix product. We give some properties concerning EP and J -EP matrices and find connection between them. Also, we present some results for reverse order law for Moore-Penrose inverse in indefinite setting. Finally, we deal with the star partial ordering and improve some results given in the “EP matrices in indefinite inner product spaces” (2012), by relaxing some...

On hyponormal operators in Krein spaces

Kevin Esmeral, Osmin Ferrer, Jorge Jalk, Boris Lora Castro (2019)

Archivum Mathematicum

In this paper the hyponormal operators on Krein spaces are introduced. We state conditions for the hyponormality of bounded operators focusing, in particular, on those operators T for which there exists a fundamental decomposition 𝕂 = 𝕂 + 𝕂 - of the Krein space 𝕂 with 𝕂 + and 𝕂 - invariant under T .

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