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A functional calculus description of real interpolation spaces for sectorial operators

Markus Haase (2005)

Studia Mathematica

For a holomorphic function ψ defined on a sector we give a condition implying the identity ( X , ( A α ) ) θ , p = x X | t - θ R e α ψ ( t A ) L p ( ( 0 , ) ; X ) where A is a sectorial operator on a Banach space X. This yields all common descriptions of the real interpolation spaces for sectorial operators and allows easy proofs of the moment inequalities and reiteration results for fractional powers.

A Gowers tree like space and the space of its bounded linear operators

Giorgos Petsoulas, Theocharis Raikoftsalis (2009)

Studia Mathematica

The famous Gowers tree space is the first example of a space not containing c₀, ℓ₁ or a reflexive subspace. We present a space with a similar construction and prove that it is hereditarily indecomposable (HI) and has ℓ₂ as a quotient space. Furthermore, we show that every bounded linear operator on it is of the form λI + W where W is a weakly compact (hence strictly singular) operator.

A note on γ-radonifying and summing operators

Zdzisław Brzeźniak, Hongwei Long (2015)

Banach Center Publications

In this note, we discuss certain generalizations of γ-radonifying operators and their applications to the regularity for linear stochastic evolution equations on some special Banach spaces. Furthermore, we also consider a more general class of operators, namely the so-called summing operators and discuss the application to the compactness of the heat semi-group between weighted L p -spaces.

Chain-finite operators and locally chain-finite operators.

Teresa Bermúdez, Antonio Martinón (1999)

Extracta Mathematicae

The problem we are concerned with in this research announcement is the algebraic characterization of chain-finite operators (global case) and of locally chain-finite operators (local case).

Clifford-Hermite-monogenic operators

Freddy Brackx, Nele de Schepper, Frank Sommen (2006)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

In this paper we consider operators acting on a subspace of the space L 2 ( m ; m ) of square integrable functions and, in particular, Clifford differential operators with polynomial coefficients. The subspace is defined as the orthogonal sum of spaces s , k of specific Clifford basis functions of L 2 ( m ; m ) . Every Clifford endomorphism of can be decomposed into the so-called Clifford-Hermite-monogenic operators. These Clifford-Hermite-monogenic operators are characterized in terms of commutation relations and they...

Denseness of norm attaining mappings.

María D. Acosta (2006)


The Bishop-Phelps Theorem states that the set of (bounded and linear) functionals on a Banach space that attain their norms is dense in the dual. In the complex case, Lomonosov proved that there may be a closed, convex and bounded subset C of a Banach space such that the set of functionals whose maximum modulus is attained on C is not dense in the dual. This paper contains a survey of versions for operators, multilinear forms and polynomials of the Bishop-Phelps Theorem. Lindenstrauss provided examples...

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