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A 2-category of chronological cobordisms and odd Khovanov homology

Krzysztof K. Putyra (2014)

Banach Center Publications

We create a framework for odd Khovanov homology in the spirit of Bar-Natan's construction for the ordinary Khovanov homology. Namely, we express the cube of resolutions of a link diagram as a diagram in a certain 2-category of chronological cobordisms and show that it is 2-commutative: the composition of 2-morphisms along any 3-dimensional subcube is trivial. This allows us to create a chain complex whose homotopy type modulo certain relations is a link invariant. Both the original and the odd Khovanov...

A cohomology theory for colored tangles

Carmen Caprau (2014)

Banach Center Publications

We employ the sl(2) foam cohomology to define a cohomology theory for oriented framed tangles whose components are labeled by irreducible representations of U q ( s l ( 2 ) ) . We show that the corresponding colored invariants of tangles can be assembled into invariants of bigger tangles. For the case of knots and links, the corresponding theory is a categorification of the colored Jones polynomial, and provides a tool for efficient computations of the resulting colored invariant of knots and links. Our theory is...

A colored Khovanov bicomplex

Noboru Ito (2014)

Banach Center Publications

In this note, we prove the existence of a tri-graded Khovanov-type bicomplex (Theorem 1.2). The graded Euler characteristic of the total complex associated with this bicomplex is the colored Jones polynomial of a link. The first grading of the bicomplex is a homological one derived from cabling of the link (i.e., replacing a strand of the link by several parallel strands); the second grading is related to the homological grading of ordinary Khovanov homology; finally, the third grading is preserved...

A computation in Khovanov-Rozansky homology

Daniel Krasner (2009)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We investigate the Khovanov-Rozansky invariant of a certain tangle and its compositions. Surprisingly the complexes we encounter reduce to ones that are very simple. Furthermore, we discuss a "local" algorithm for computing Khovanov-Rozansky homology and compare our results with those for the "foam" version of sl₃-homology.

A conjecture on Khovanov's invariants

Stavros Garoufalidis (2004)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We formulate a conjectural formula for Khovanov's invariants of alternating knots in terms of the Jones polynomial and the signature of the knot.

A lattice of finite-type invariants of virtual knots

Micah W. Chrisman (2014)

Banach Center Publications

We construct an infinite commutative lattice of groups whose dual spaces give Kauffman finite-type invariants of long virtual knots. The lattice is based "horizontally" upon the Polyak algebra and extended "vertically" using Manturov's functorial map f. For each n, the n-th vertical line in the lattice contains an infinite-dimensional subspace of Kauffman finite-type invariants of degree n. Moreover, the lattice contains infinitely many inequivalent extensions of the Conway polynomial to long virtual...

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