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Almost-Bieberbach groups with prime order holonomy

Karel Dekimpe, Wim Malfait (1996)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

The main issue of this paper is an attempt to find a decomposition theorem for infra-nilmanifolds in the same spirit as a result of A. Vasquez for flat Riemannian manifolds. That is: we look for infra-nilmanifolds with prime order holonomy which can be obtained as a fiber space with a non-trivial nilmanifold as fiber and an infra-nilmanifold as its base.  In this perspective, we prove the following algebraic result: if E is an almost-Bieberbach group with prime order holonomy,...

Amenable hyperbolic groups

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Yves de Cornulier, Nicolas Monod, Romain Tessera (2015)

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We give a complete characterization of the locally compact groups that are non elementary Gromov-hyperbolic and amenable. They coincide with the class of mapping tori of discrete or continuous one-parameter groups of compacting automorphisms. We moreover give a description of all Gromov-hyperbolic locally compact groups with a cocompact amenable subgroup: modulo a compact normal subgroup, these turn out to be either rank one simple Lie groups, or automorphism groups of semiregular trees acting doubly...

Anosov theorem for coincidences on nilmanifolds

Seung Won Kim, Jong Bum Lee (2005)

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Suppose that L, L’ are simply connected nilpotent Lie groups such that the groups γ i ( L ) and γ i ( L ' ) in their lower central series have the same dimension. We show that the Nielsen and Lefschetz coincidence numbers of maps f,g: Γ∖L → Γ’∖L’ between nilmanifolds Γ∖L and Γ’∖L’ can be computed algebraically as follows: L(f,g) = det(G⁎ - F⁎), N(f,g) = |L(f,g)|, where F⁎, G⁎ are the matrices, with respect to any preferred bases on the uniform lattices Γ and Γ’, of the homomorphisms between the Lie algebras , ’ of...

Crooked planes.

Drumm, Todd A., Goldman, William M. (1995)

Electronic Research Announcements of the American Mathematical Society [electronic only]

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