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A class of stationary stochastic processes

Victor D. Didenko, Natalia A. Rozhenko (2014)

Studia Mathematica

Regular stationary stochastic vector processes whose spectral densities are the boundary values of matrix functions with bounded Nevanlinna characteristic are considered. A criterion for the representability of such processes as output data of linear time invariant dynamical systems is established.

A double window state observer for detection and isolation of abrupt changes in parameters

Jędrzej Byrski, Witold Byrski (2016)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The paper presents a new method for diagnosis of a process fault which takes the form of an abrupt change in some real parameter of a time-continuous linear system. The abrupt fault in the process real parameter is reflected in step changes in many parameters of the input/output model as well as in step changes in canonical state variables of the system. Detection of these state changes will enable localization of the faulty parameter in the system. For detecting state changes, a special type of...

A mixed active and passive GLR test for a fault tolerant control system

Hicham Jamouli, Mohamed Amine El Hail, Dominique Sauter (2012)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

This paper presents an adaptive Generalized Likelihood Ratio (GLR) test for multiple Faults Detection and Isolation (FDI) in stochastic linear dynamic systems. Based on the work of Willsky and Jones (1976), we propose a modified generalized likelihood ratio test, allowing detection, isolation and estimation of multiple sequential faults. Our contribution aims to maximise the good decision rate of fault detection using another updating strategy. This is based on a reference model updated on-line...

A multi-agent brokerage platform for media content recommendation

Bruno Veloso, Benedita Malheiro, Juan Carlos Burguillo (2015)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Near real time media content personalisation is nowadays a major challenge involving media content sources, distributors and viewers. This paper describes an approach to seamless recommendation, negotiation and transaction of personalised media content. It adopts an integrated view of the problem by proposing, on the business-to-business (B2B) side, a brokerage platform to negotiate the media items on behalf of the media content distributors and sources, providing viewers, on the business-to-consumer...

A numerical procedure for filtering and efficient high-order signal differentiation

Salim Ibrir, Sette Diop (2004)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

In this paper, we propose a numerical algorithm for filtering and robust signal differentiation. The numerical procedure is based on the solution of a simplified linear optimization problem. A compromise between smoothing and fidelity with respect to the measurable data is achieved by the computation of an optimal regularization parameter that minimizes the Generalized Cross Validation criterion (GCV). Simulation results are given to highlight the effectiveness of the proposed procedure.

A simplex trained neural network-based architecture for sensor fusion and tracking of target maneuvers

Yee Chin Wong, Malur K. Sundareshan (1999)


One of the major applications for which neural network-based methods are being successfully employed is in the design of intelligent integrated processing architectures that efficiently implement sensor fusion operations. In this paper we shall present a novel scheme for developing fused decisions for surveillance and tracking in typical multi-sensor environments characterized by the disparity in the data streams arriving from various sensors. This scheme employs an integration of a multilayer neural...

A simultaneous localization and tracking method for a worm tracking system

Mateusz Kowalski, Piotr Kaczmarek, Rafał Kabaciński, Mieszko Matuszczak, Kamil Tranbowicz, Robert Sobkowiak (2014)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The idea of worm tracking refers to the path analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes and is an important tool in neurobiology which helps to describe their behavior. Knowledge about nematode behavior can be applied as a model to study the physiological addiction process or other nervous system processes in animals and humans. Tracking is performed by using a special manipulator positioning a microscope with a camera over a dish with an observed individual. In the paper, the accuracy of a nematode's...

An SFDI observer-based scheme for a general aviation aircraft

Marco Ariola, Massimiliano Mattei, Immacolata Notaro, Federico Corraro, Adolfo Sollazzo (2015)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

The problem of detecting and isolating sensor faults (sensor fault detection and isolation-SFDI) on a general aviation aircraft, in the presence of external disturbances, is considered. The proposed approach consists of an extended Kalman observer applied to an augmented aircraft plant, where some integrators are added to the output variables subject to faults. The output of the integrators should be ideally zero in the absence of model uncertainties, external disturbances and sensor faults. A threshold-based...

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