Computing integral points on elliptic curves

J. Gebel; A. Pethő; H. G. Zimmer

Acta Arithmetica (1994)

  • Volume: 68, Issue: 2, page 171-192
  • ISSN: 0065-1036

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J. Gebel, A. Pethő, and H. G. Zimmer. "Computing integral points on elliptic curves." Acta Arithmetica 68.2 (1994): 171-192. <>.

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language = {eng},
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pages = {171-192},
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AU - J. Gebel
AU - A. Pethő
AU - H. G. Zimmer
TI - Computing integral points on elliptic curves
JO - Acta Arithmetica
PY - 1994
VL - 68
IS - 2
SP - 171
EP - 192
LA - eng
KW - Mordell-Weil group; height; LLL-reduced basis; elliptic logarithms; linear forms in elliptic logarithms; Néron-Tate height; naive height
UR -
ER -


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